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The BOOM Library was founded in 2010 by the award winning audio guys from Dynamedion, the biggest European game audio studio based in Mainz, Germany. Their mission is to provide top notch sound effects and source recordings in high definition. All treated with great Sound Miner metadata, fast to use, easy to access and epic sounding: BOOM!


NEON - Sci-Fi Elements
Futuristic Sound Design Elements
Room Tones USA 3D Surround
Room Tones USA Stereo
Room Tones - The Elementary Ingredient
Audio Layering Wizard
Geothermal 3D Surround
Otherworldly Sonic Landscapes and Textures
Geothermal Stereo
Otherworldly Sonic Landscapes & Textures in Stereo
Room Tones Europe 3D Surround
Room Tones Europe 3D - dive into the ambiences
Room Tones Europe Stereo
Room tones - the elementary ingredient
Monsters & Beasts - Bundle
Contains the Designed and the Construction Kit Edition
Monsters & Beasts - Construction Kit
The awe-inspiring sound of legendary creatures
Monsters & Beasts - Designed Kit
The sound of legendary creatures - designed kit
Automatic stereo repair
Revolutionary sound design plug-in
Cinematic Strikes - Bundle
Cinematic Strikes Designed & Construction Kit Bundle
Cinematic Strikes - Construction Kit
Enormous sounding percussive hits
Cinematic Strikes - Designed
Pre-designed Enormous Sounding Percussive Hits
Dirt Bikes
Comprehensive and flexible collection of Dirt Bike Sounds
Awe your audience with risers, build-ups, drops and more
Cinematic Metal Titan - Bundle
The concentrated power of designed and construction SFX
Cinematic Metal Titan - Construction Kit
A new breed of cinematic sound effects as a construction kit
Cinematic Metal Titan - Designed
A new breed of DESIGNED cinematic sound effects
Urban USA Stereo
The whole range of urban sound diversity
Urban USA 3D Surround
The whole range of urban sound diversity in 3D
Fire & Water - Bundle
Fire & Water Bundle - from nature elements to devastation
Fire & Water - Designed Kit
Fire & Water DS - devastation in no time
Fire & Water - Construction Kit
Fire & Water CK - the forces of nature at yout fingertips
Close Combat - Bundle
Close Combat Construction Kit & Designed
Close Combat - Designed Kit
Ready-to-use Combat Sounds
Close Combat - Construction Kit
The punchiest fighting library on the planet
Magic - Bundle
Magic Bundle - supernatural SFX in no time
Magic - Designed Kit
Ready-to-use, magical sounds - the Magic Designed Kit
Magic - Construction Kit
Magic Construction Kit - white magicians and dark wizards
SciFi - Designed Kit
SciFi Designed Kit - the sound of future in no time
SciFi - Bundle
SciFi Bundle - from tiny clicks to galactic space wars
SciFi - Construction Kit
SciFi Construction Kit - a box of futuristic bricks
Mechanicals - Bundle
Mechanicals Bundle - complex mechanics & tiny clicks
Mechanicals - Designed Kit
Mechanical Designed Kit - complex mechanics in no time
Mechanicals - Construction Kit
Mechanical Construction Kit - tiny, medium, huge
Debris - Bundle
Debris Construction Kit & Designed
Debris - Designed Kit
Ready-to-use and excellent SFX for your shattering project
Debris - Construction Kit
Vast collection of destructible material sounds
Destruction - Bundle
Destruction Construction Kit & Designed
Destruction - Construction Kit
The sound of demolition - the Destruction Construction Kit
Destruction - Designed Kit
Destruction Designed Kit | instant sound of destruction
Medieval Life - Bundle
Authentic SFX, ambiences and textures from middle ages
Medieval Life - Designed Kit
Designed Kit from long ago - medieval life
Medieval Life - Construction Kit
Construction Kit for medieval SFX, ambiences, textures
Urban Explosions - Bundle
Urban Explosions Bundle - natural & supernatural explosions
Urban Explosions - Designed Kit
Urban Explosions - Construction Kit
Blow up your city, or at least your speakers
9 cars worth of untamed, mind-blowing SFX
Modern UI
Modern UI - the enormous field of digital User Interfaces
The Interface
The Interface - create authentic, interactive control sounds
Crowds - Concert Audiences
A wide range of various crowd scenarios
Toons! Ever slipped on a banana?
Outdoor Impulse Responses
Outdoor Impulse Responses - the sound of outdoor realms
Town & Country
Authentic library of rural country and man-made town sounds
Medieval Weapons - Bundle
Medieval Weapons Bundle - from sneaky to brutal assaults
Medieval Weapons - Construction Kit
Medieval Weapons Construction Kit - the tools of violence
Medieval Weapons - Designed Kit
Medieval Weapons Designed Kit - mutilating wounds in no time
Historical Firearms - Construction Kit
Historical firearms - amazing, historical weapons
Historical Firearms - Bundle
Historical Firearms Construction Kit & Designed
Historical Firearms - Designed Kit
Historical weapons - pre-designed sounds and ready-to-use
Silencers - Bundle
Silencers Bundle - from clean shots to designed ricochets
Silencers - Construction Kit
The Silencers Construction Kit - Agent and Hitman ready
Silencers - Designed Kit
Silencers Designed - the force of guns hidden in silence
Guns - Bundle
Guns Construction Kit & Designed
Guns - Construction Kit
Guns Construction - several gun sounds
Guns - Designed Kit
Ready-to-use gun sounds
Gun Handling
Authentic gun sounds - Gun Handling
Assault Weapons - Bundle
Gigantic sound arsenal of pistols, machine-guns & more
Assault Weapons - Construction Kit
Great collection of high-end gunshot recordings
Assault Weapons - Designed
Ready to use precise weapon sounds
Black Powder
Explosions, Cannons and more
Baby Boom
Gorgeous babies in all moods and ages
Creatures - Bundle
Ultimate Tool Box for creature & monster sound FX
Creatures - Construction Kit
Super-high quality creature & monster sound FX
Creatures - Designed
300 Pre-designed and Ready-to-use Sound Fx
Birds of Prey
Your source for super-detailed, extraordinary bird sounds
High-quality Dog Sound Effects
Biggest Lion and Tiger Sound Library to date
Trains - Stereo
Huge collection of electric, steam and diesel Train Sounds
Trains - Stereo & Surround
Huge collection of train sounds in stereo and 5.0 surround
Virtual Foley Artist - Footsteps
The Most Gigantic Footstep Collection Available
World War 2 Tanks
A gigantic arsenal of high-quality Tank Sounds
Collection of crystal-clear vehicle recordings
Urban & Suburban
Modern Ambiences ready to use
Hot Rod - Rev Ups
The finest selection of V8 Engine sounds
Jet - Fly Bys
Collection of Jet Fly-by Sound FX
P51 - Mustang
One of the most Iconic Planes recorded
The complete Horse Sounddesign Suite
CARS - Everyday Cars
3550 High Quality Car Sound Effects
CARS - SUVs & Vans
Huge Collection of Big Wheeler Sounds
A scalpel for punch with unmatched precision
Cinematic Darkness - Bundle
Ultimate Tool Box for Dark Trailer Sounds
Cinematic Darkness - Construction Kit
The Best Tool Box for Dark Trailer Sounds
Cinematic Darkness - Designed
Ready-to-use Sounds for Instant Awesomeness
Cinematic Hits - Bundle
Ultimate Tool Box for Hit and Impact Sound Effects
Cinematic Hits - Construction Kit
Unique and High-quality Hit and Impact Sound Effects
Cinematic Hits - Designed
Ready-to-use Cinematic Hit Sound Effects
Cinematic Horror - Bundle
Ultimate Tool Box for Horror Sound Effects
Cinematic Horror - Construction Kit
Over 12GB of frightful, high-quality Source Recordings
Cinematic Horror - Designed
Ready-to-use SFX packed with Shock, Fright and Terror
Cinematic Metal - Bundle
Ultimate Impacts Tool Box for the Silver Screen
Cinematic Metal - Construction Kit
Mind-blowing Impacts for the Silver Screen
Cinematic Metal - Designed
Trailer-ready, Huge & Explosive Impact Sound Effect
Cinematic Trailers - Designed 2 Stereo + Surround
Powerful Trailer SFX in Stereo and 5.1 Surround
Cinematic Trailers - Designed 2
The new Trailer Sound FX Gold Standard
Cinematic Trailers - Bundle
Ultimate Toolbox for Sound Effects
Cinematic Trailers - Construction Kit
High-quality & flexible Trailer Sound Effects Toolkit
Cinematic Trailers - Designed
Ready-to-use Cinematic Trailer Sound Effects
Harbor & Industrial
A library of authentic harbor and industrial ambiences