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Chris Hein Winds Compact

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CH Winds compact

Orchestral Woodwinds for your Computer in unheard Perfection!

Chris Hein Winds Compact is the light-edition of the unique four-part library Winds Complete. It offers the same number of instruments: four transverse flutes, three clarinets, three oboes and three bassoons.


For the Compact edition, the most important and common articulations and functions have been selected from the Complete edition. At the same time, this woodwind-library doubtlessly meets the highest expectations in regard to sound quality, expression and applicability. The library's instruments are based upon meticulously, carefully prepared multisamples with detailed phase-alignment for phase-correct blends and crossfades of dynamic layers. Up to eight dynamic layers guarantee for realistic sounding results.

Because of its exceptional and highly versatile sound quality Chris Hein Winds Compact is a perfect addition to any orchestral library, especially for productions with woodwinds playing a prominent role; be it in classical compositions, epic film-scores or orchestral pop-ballads.

Among the undeniable highlights of the library are true legato, variable attacks per note, innovative play-aids such as hot keys, note heads and MIDI remote controllability of all functions via TouchOSC.

screen 1

Orchestral Woodwinds with highest possible Sound Quality

In case, the immense amount of articulations, as demanded by elaborated scores, is not needed, Chris Hein Winds Compact offers an efficient choice of woodwinds meeting the highest sonic expectations.

Chris Hein Winds Compact naturally relies on a powerful sample-engine, in this case Native Instruments' Kontakt Player. Expect a custom tailored user-interface and extensive scripting to respect the specific requirements of the instruments presented.

Orchestral Woodwind sounds tailored to Perfection

Besides careful recordings with high quality gear such as selected Neumann microphones, the musicians significantly influence the sound aesthetic. Unlike the award-winning Chris Hein – Horns, this library takes advantage of musicians being part of the renowned WDR Symphonic Orchestra.

For this library, dry close mic'ing was an intentional decision. All instruments have been recorded individually avoiding any crosstalk. However, Chris Hein Winds Compact factors in the inevitable interaction of orchestra musicians when creating their musical tone. Therefore, the participating musicians where given headphone monitoring, allowing them to play along to each other.

The intentionally dry sound of Chris Hein Winds Compact allows an efficient combination with the sample-engine's dual convolution reverbs to adapt the instruments' to various situations. The Kontakt Player permits free instrument-placement in the stereo panorama. In addition, separate convolution engines for the corpus-sound (body) and the ambience (room) allow creation of any spatial environment, ranging from close intimacy to large orchestral halls. Here, Chris Hein Winds Compact differs significantly from the fixed spatial characteristics of many competitors. It makes this library greatly variable and, additionally, combinable with almost any other library available.

recordings c-flute

Unique Functions

Perfect dynamic transitions thanks to phase alignment

Over a research-period of six months, all samples have been fully aligned in phase. Accordingly, the instruments offer perfect seamless transitions of dynamic layers without sonic degradation.

Unique combination of short and long notes

The combination of long and short notes is a major problem in sample-libraries that often fail to deliver authentic sounding results. With real musical instruments, the note length often influences the attack behavior as well as the note end. CH Winds Compact addresses these aspects by its „Note Head Designer“. Here, along with each sustain-articulation, matching shorts sample variations (Shorts) can be called up using controls or MIDI-controllers.

These shorts not only offer the corresponding correct attack-behavior but also a note-end that perfectly matches the note length. These user-defined selections of short-note-variations are available in up to eight dynamic layers each and can be combined with the corresponding sustained phases, leading to astonishing realistic results that cannot be achieved using random round-robin based selections. Of course, these shorts are also available as individual articulations.


True Legato

The instruments of Chris Hein Winds Compact offer true legato. The corresponding in-depth recordings and edits result in unexpected realistic sounds with perfect note-transitions. At the same time, it is possible to combine these realistic combinations with additional artificial inserted legatos.

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Free Kontakt Player included (version 5.5.0 or higher required)




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Flag ENspaceThe Audio Spotlight, 07/2016

TAS review CH Winds Compact


Again, the sound of each instrument in the Chris Hein Winds Compact Library sounds absolutely beautiful, authentic and distinctive. All the different woodwinds got just the right feel of liveliness and expression to play nuanced, vivid melodies and agile accompaniments.

All in all, for the reasonable current price of 179 $, Chris Hein Winds Compact is a beautiful sounding and versatile library of orchestral woodwinds and proves to be a valuable asset in every composer’s arsenal of virtual instruments. It definitely found a place in my orchestral template already.


full CH Winds Compact review at TAS

Flag ENspaceSample Library Review 03/2016

Samplelibrary Review


Though Chris Hein Winds Compact comes with only 5 articulations, you get the benifits of it’s big brother’s (Chris Hein Winds Complete) powerful engine and features for crafting realistic, expressive performances . . . all at a great price point.

...Stand out features for me checking out the instrument was the Note Head scripted into the engine. This allow you to add an accent note on top of any of the sustain articulations which  adds an amazing amount of realism for those of us working with virtual instruments....

...The second stand out feature for me is the BODY IR. This is a separate impulse response engine built into the instrument to generate a “corpus-sound”. I found this separate IR more naturally emulated the sound of being close to a performer regardless of the size of the room....


full CH Winds Compact review at SLR

Flag DEspacedigital-notes.de 06/2016

digital notes


Auch wenn die Möglichkeiten in den Winds und Brass Compact Versionen gegenüber den Complete Versionen eingeschränkt sind, reichen sie doch für viele Aufgaben völlig aus. Durch die klar gegliederten Benutzeroberflächen ist die Bedienung recht einfach und übersichtlich. Auch klanglich können die Versionen überzeugen. 

digital notes gut

ganzer Chris Hein Winds & Brss Test bei Digital-Notes.de

Flag DEspaceBuenasIdeas 04/2016

BuenasIdeas logo

Fazit (Auszug)

Was will ich groß sagen?! Klingt genauso, wie man sich das von orchestralen Bläsern vorstellt. Die Holzbläser klingen schön warm und nuanciert, das orchestrale Blech von hauchig matt bis rotzig frech. Es sind beide Libraries auf alle Fälle sehr gelungen. Man erkennt die klanglichen Eigenheiten und Timbres der jeweiligen Instrumente deutlich und gut unterscheidbar. Kombiniert mit den angebotenen Artikulationen und dem Vibrato lässt sich damit auf alle Fälle schon ein Großteil an „orchestralen Bedürfnissen“ abdecken. Und das zu durchaus moderaten Preisen!

Wer also nicht wirklich auf ausgefuchsteste Anpassungsmöglichkeiten angewiesen ist und wem die gebotenen fünf Artikulationen reichen, der ist mit der „Light“ Version der Chris Hein Libraries bestens beraten.


Ganzer CH Brass/Winds Test bei BuenasIdeas


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The following reviews have been placed by customers who also bought this product from us. All reviews are provided through eKomi, Europe’s largest independent customer review company.

Language: englisch
5.0 of 5

Excellent sounding woodwinds. I would recommend this library to anyone looking for great, playable and expressive orchestral woodwinds on a thight budget.

Sprache: deutsch
5.0 of 5

Sehr schöne Woodwinds-Library, enthält die wichtigesten Instrumente und Artikulationen. Ich benutze sie meist für Vorproduktionen, aber durchaus auch zum Teil sogar für das Endprodukt einsetzbar, je nach Arrangement. Auf jeden Fall volle Empfehlung :-)

langue: française
5.0 of 5

Des instruments de très bonne qualité (comme toujours avec Chris Hein) à un prix très intéressant. Cette version compact me convient parfaitement pour l'instant (c'est tout de même très conséquent), mais je sens que je ne pourrai pas résister à l'upgrade dans quelques temps...

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requirements Requirements

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Kontakt poweredThe latest NI Kontakt Player is included in this product!
The minimum Kontakt Player version to use this library is specified in the product description.

Download latest free Kontakt Player Windows (~ 450MB)
Download latest free Kontakt Player Mac INTEL (~ 600MB)

You want more?
This library qualifies for the reduced Crossgrade of full KONTAKT at Native Instruments (€ 249 instead of € 399)

Windows 7, 8 or 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit)
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)

Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11 oder 10.12 (latest update)
Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)

for all

  • 1GB free disc space for player installation
  • additional hard disc space according to the library size
  • internet connection for product activation required


  • Stand-Alone
  • VST
  • Audio Units
  • ASIO
  • CoreAudio
  • AAX Native (Pro Tools 10 or later)

Kontakt Player legacy downloads - please check compatibility with your libraries!

Kontakt Player 5 5.5.2 Win (WIN 7 or higher)
Kontakt Player 5 5.5.2 Mac (OS X 10.9 or higher)

Kontakt Player 5 5.3.1 Win (WIN 7 or higher)
Kontakt Player 5 5.3.1 Mac (OS X 10.7 or higher)

Kontakt Player 5 5.1.0 Win (WIN XP or higher)
Kontakt Player 5 5.1.0 Mac (OS X 10.7 or higher)

Kontakt Player 5 5.0.3 Win (WIN XP or higher)
Kontakt Player 5 5.0.3 Mac (OS X 10.6)

Kontakt Player 4 4.2.2 Win (WIN XP or higher)
Kontakt Player 4 4.2.2 Mac  (OS X 10.5 / 10.6)

System FAQs
System FAQs - Chris Hein Winds Compact

Q: Can I use the included Kontakt Player for playing other libraries in Kontakt format (.nki plus .wav files)?
A: No, they only work in a 15 minutes demo mode

Q: When trying to "Add Library" my Kontakt shows a message "No Library found"
A: Then this is not a protected Kontakt library, but an open Kontakt format. You can find additional hints for Kontakt Libraries in that Sounds & Gear Video

online activationProduct Activation:

This product requires Native Access for installation, registration and activation. Start the Native Access-Software and log in using your Native Instruments credetials to start the setup.
To sucesfully activate your product Native Access requires a working internet connection.
An Offline Activation on a different computer is Not Available with this product. 





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