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Drum MIDI Pop!

Drum MIDI Pop!



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Collection of inspiring beats and fills

The Pop! MIDI presents an impressive collection of inspiring beats and fills played by Toontrack veteran Per Mikaelsson. Covering styles ranging from hip hop to dance, classic pop and uptempo rock.

Features Overview

  • Categorized in different songs
  • Full 8 bar beats
  • Fills section in each song
  • Swing and/or straight feel

Works with EZdrummer, EZdrummer 2, Superior Drummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3 (optimized for 1 kick, 1 snare, 2 toms, 1 floor-tom, 2 crash cymbals, 1 ride cymbal).


To use this product, an installed and activated Version of EZdrummer or Superior Drummer is required.

Product activation:
An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product.