6FX Bundle
release date: 12.04.2023

6FX Bundle


AAX Native, AU, Mac, VST3, Win

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Six Professional Audio Plugins

Sound Particles 6 FX Bundle includes the plugins Density, Space Controller Standard, Doppler, Air, Energy Panner and Brightness Panner.

Included Products

  • Density - Density is an audio effect plugin that creates various layers of sounds based on the input. With great results in stereo and fantastic ones in immersive, this plugin allows artists to create incredible sounding ensembles based on a solo input and get incredible spatialization.

  • Space Controller Studio - Space Controller is the best way to pan sounds in surround and immersive. Simply connect your mobile device to a DAW, use it as a movement reader and pan the sounds to where you're pointing.

  • Brightness Panner - With the goal of enhancing your mixes by dispersing sound all around you, Brightness Panner is dedicated to changing the way you use sound in space. By the use of Brightness analysis, this innovative audio plugin gives your sounds movement, making panning simpler than ever.

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  • Energy Panner - Energy Panner uses the intensity of a sound to control its movement. From traditional stereo to immersive, this plugin enables artists to add dynamic depth to their panning techniques without any effort or additional routing.

  • Doppler - Doppler is a professional audio plugin, for sound design and audio post-production. Perfect for simulating the physical behavior of sound moving through the air, turning your mix into an incredibly immersive sonic experience.

  • Air - Air is the perfect tool to simulate distance through high frequency attenuation. Use Air for the creation of sound effects, for mixing, automated dialogue replacement or music.

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  • macOS 10.9 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Apple Silicon compatible
  • 2-Core CPU or higher
  • RAM: 4GB


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • 2-Core CPU or higher
  • RAM: 4GB
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