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Avenger Expansion Pack

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Attention, this expansion is a true masterpiece: "Atmospherica" is here! Its 100% made of granular synthesis and comes with a vast library of perfectly crafted granular loops and presets.

Each preset will transport a special feeling or mood: sadness, despair, joy, tension, mystery, adventure, epical, hope or horror. Instantly inspiring! All presets are usable for all kinds of Cinematic stuff, Trance, Ambient, Techno or Trailer/Media music - all you have to do is press one key and play with the macro dials, macro buttons or the modwheel which will transform and morph the preset dramatically!

You can play on every key and in every BPM: Avengers granular engine will follow. This expansion is pure art and should be in every producers' toolbox!


  • 145 Avenger presets
  • 27 additional drumkits / drum seq
  • 81 Drones & Cluster
  • 145 Instruments & Air
  • 48 Mini Songs
  • 121 Synths & FX
  • 46 Voices
  • Total: 441 Granular Samples

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17.01.2024 Language: englisch

VPS Avenger 2 has a very good user interface and is very easy to use.

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23.12.2019 Language: englisch

ready to go presets!


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