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Algorithmic Room & Reverb

AtomivReverb is a modern and innovative algorithmic room- and reverb plugin.

With a unique, sophisticated algorithm design, atomicreverb provides users all possibilities to create stunning dense, smooth and natural reverb acoustic patterns with a high degree of customization.

Ambiences, Halls, Rooms, Plates, Chambers, Stages & Tubes

AtomicReverb comes with a huge set of 240 predefined factory presets which are intuitively modifiable to support the maximum productivity for designing breathtaking sound. Highly configurable processing for both early-reflections and late-reverb/tail provides a maximum flexibility through- out the entire spectrum.

This dramatically enhances the sonic range to produce sounds from subtle voice reverbs over impressive rooms to full and dense halls or even tubes, stages, plates or special-FX.

For early-reflections - the most important part to describe the sound of the 'room' and create nice short ambiences - atomicreverb supports a set of over 170 different predefined early-reflection signatures (extracted from real room impulse-responses), which are additionally changeable in size, hardness, resonance and spreading/diffusion.

And to add more creative freedom, different algorithms for late-reverb ('reverb-tail'), interesting wall- absorption effects, complex modulations and even gated tail length (used for percussive sounds) are provided.



  • Superior smooth and dense reverb tail with complex modulation

  • Low CPU usage (>100 instances possible)

  • Optionally infinite density tail (limited by sample rate)

  • Double precision, full 64Bit internal signal processing with 2x oversampling

  • Zero Latency

  • Room-Size reconstructions and spatial emulation

  • MIDI controlling + integrated MIDI learn

  • Adjustable gated reverb duration

  • 5 Band equalizer with spectrum analyzer

  • 170+ changeable early-reflection signatures to create individual room sounds

  • 240 factory presets

  • Preset-browser, user- and factory-preset grouping, copy & paste presets to clipboard

  • A/B program comparison, UNDO, REDO

  • Additionally easy, 'One-Page' user interface

  • Graphical displays to visualize reverb and EQ settings

  • Resizable user interface and two different skins

  • Standalone-application (Windows only)

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  • macOS 10.10 or higher
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 7-11
  • 32 bit or 64 bit
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