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Blackbird Expansion for Trigger
release date: 08.09.2015

Blackbird Expansion for Trigger


Trigger Expansion, VST3

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$ 149.-

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Blackbird Studio Drums - BB Expansion for Trigger – amazing sounding drum library, recorded by John McBride and drummer Chris Tyrell in Blackbird Studios, sounds from vintage to modern, six new Kick Drum samples, ten new Snare samples, seven new sets of Toms.

BB Expansion for Trigger

  • Recorded in the legendary Blackbird Studios by John McBride and drummer Chris Tyrell
  • Amazing sounding drum library
  • Sounds from vintage to modern
  • Six New Kick Drum Samples
  • Ten New Snare Samples
  • Seven New Sets of Toms



  • macOS 10.12-10.14
  • 64 bit
  • Intel processor
  • RAM: 4GB


  • Windows 8-10
  • 64 bit
  • Intel- or AMD-processor
  • RAM: 4GB

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