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CARS - Everyday Cars
release date: 08.05.2018

CARS - Everyday Cars

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Everything a Car can Offer

This collection offers more than 20 GB of data. Boom Library has completely wired 10 everyday cars, rented a super-quiet test track for their recordings and are now proud to deliver really great and pristine long takes of drive-bys, car engine sounds, exhaust sounds and stereo interior recordings.

Boom Everyday Cars Pictures

Boom Library has also included a great selection of close handling sounds like switches, indicators, ventilation, handbrakes, basically everything we could find.

Included Sounds - Keywords

cars, audi, driving, revup, internal, external, engine, inside, outside, luxury, slow, fast, bmw, fiat, mercedes, opel, peugeot, subaru, vw, gasoline, honks, doors, tunks, drive-bys, exhaust, handling, switches, ventilation, handbrakes

3550 ROYALTY-FREE SOUNDS 1370+ WAV files • 96kHz/24bit • 21GB

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This Multi Format Library (included format(s) listed in product description) does not include any playback software. A suitable software is required to load and play the sounds included with this product.


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