Chemical Synths

Chemical Synths


NN-XT, Reason Refill, REX, WAV
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Add some sonic attitude to your track! By the same producer who brought you the popular "Ambient Textures" Refill, this brand new library for Propellerheads Reason users provides a massive collection of hard-edged synth sounds, for when you have something dirty in mind. Hard-ass basses, searing leads, riffs, loops & patches ....all dripping with attitude.

There are two refills on the disc. The first contains all the Subtractor, Malstrom, NN-19 and NN-XT patches. The second contains all of the REX files. There are a total of 400 REX2 files which are provided both inside and outside of the second refill so they´re accessible for use in all software which can read REX files (not just Reason users!).

50 Subtractor patches,
200 Malstrom patches,
150 NN-19 sampler patches,
200 NN-XT sampler patches,
200 REX Arps,
200 REX Riffs.

Synthesizers used include:
Supernova 2 Pro X,
Access Virus,
Korg Z1,
Microwave XT,
Micro Q,
Technics WSA1,
Mutronics Mutator,
Sherman Filterbank.

The Producer, Jonathan Heslop, has been creating electronic music for the past nine years. He has composed music for various independent films and computer games, and has created patches for Propellerheads (for their Reason 2 Soundbank).
(Notes: The Malstrom and NN-XT patches only work with REASON version 2.0 or later. All samples on the disc are contained within the single Refill.

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