Chillout Lounge 1

Chillout Lounge 1


Avenger Expansion Pack

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137 Chillout Lounge Presets for Avenger

Take a deep breath, sit down and relax: Chillout Lounge 1 is here and offers you the very best sounds, drums and melodies of all kind of slow tempo music, like: Ambient, Lounge, Chillout, Meditation Music, Cinematic Music, Wellness and of course even modern Trance, Melodic Techno, Pop & EDM. This expansion pack is packed with pure beauty and elegancy: Half tempo breakbeats, the most wonderful pads you will ever hear, natural instruments like flutes, voices or pianos, masterfully programmes sequences and arpeggios - a true must have for all relaxed music genres!

This expansion adds to your library:

  • 137 Avenger Presets
  • 13 additional drumkits
  • 30 additional drum sequences
  • 107 additional multisamples
  • 25 additional granular samples
  • 17 additional osc-shapes
  • 17 additional wavetables

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