Cluster Delay
release date: 22.05.2024

Cluster Delay

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Multi-tap delay sequencer

Cluster Delay lets you create unique musical effects that blend seamlessly into your tracks.


Complex delays, effortless control. Cluster Delay's easy-to-use interface allows you to ramp, space, and scatter up to eight processed delay taps in time.


Lush spaces and echo soundscapes. Explore ambience and transform any dry sound into expansive spaces. Use integrated diffusion and modulation to create reverb type effects.


Six integrated FX and more. Create nuanced and unique sounding delays with six routable effects. Keep your mix clean with built-in ducking, filters, and mid-side control.



  • Multi-tap delay sequencer - Create patterns with up to 8 taps and quickly build unique rhythms with macro controls.

  • Visualize your delay - See exactly how your sound will evolve in time with the beautiful multi-tap display.

  • 100 diverse presets - Immediately start creating with presets that make full use of Cluster Delay's features.

  • Six integrated effects - Transform your delay with wobble, diffusion, chorus, flanger, phaser, or frequency shifting.

  • Creative routing - Choose where each effect is placed in the delay line or use send mode for dub-style automation.

  • Vast stereo effects - Use features such as mid-side mode, cross-feedback, and diffusion to build evolving spaces.

  • Analog modeling mode - Activate analog modeled feedback to get rich delay effects inspired by vintage gear.

  • Automatic ducking - Keep your mixes clean and add energy by ducking the delay along to your dry input signal.

  • In-App Tooltips - Become an expert with built-in tooltips that make learning Cluster Delay a breeze.



  • macOS 10.9 or higher
  • Apple Silicon compatible


  • Windows 10 or higher
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