Cyberpunk One
release date: 26.11.2020

Cyberpunk One


Avenger Expansion Pack

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132 Cyberpunk Style Presets for Avenger

Take a trip into the future! "Cyberpunk One" is here: Get ready for the most bad-ass, futurized 80s sounds you will ever encounter. As a mixture of melodic vintage synth pop, dubstep, and hard electronic beats, this genre just has something for everyone. Manuel Schleis and Andy Hinz again teamed up to create the best Cyberpunk sounds out there: Enjoy fuzzed guitar basslines, ultra hard sync sounds, analog pads, digital bells, evolving pads and fat gated drums. They recorded the original 80s analog & digital hardware, as well as real guitarists and bass players and created 31 authentic drumkits and 110 (!) outstanding wavetables for you to explore. This is the complete Cyberpunk experience! (Of course you want to have this if you are into Synthwave or Synthpop, too)

This expansion adds to your library:

  • 132 Avenger presets
  • 31 additional drumkits/sequences
  • 30 additional granular samples
  • 129 additional multisamples
  • 88 additional arp patterns
  • 75 additional osc-shapes
  • 110 additional wavetables

Attention: VPS Avenger version 1.6.0 minimum required!

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