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release date: 18.07.2023


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Ultra-realistic audio environments in Unity

  • Enhanced spatialization for Unity
  • 45 virtual acoustic room presets
  • Multiple reverbs on one audio source
  • Real-time room analyzer for auralization
  • Adaptable acoustic environments
  • Occlusion control
  • Performance mode

Benefit from the highest spatialization quality

All dearVR spatializer plugins rely on the advanced dearVR CORE engine, resulting in best-in-class externalization and true-to-life immersion. Create ultra-realistic acoustics with a true perception of direction, distance, reflections, and reverb. Discover how to add an optimized sound localization for your interactive production.


Main Features

Adjust your preferred virtual acoustic presets

  • 45 enhanced virtual acoustics - dearVR UNITY offers you a multitude of acoustic presets for your individual production needs. From a small car to a huge church – you can easily adjust everything to fit your scenes. Perceive audio objects with full elevation and front-back effects.

Make your environment come alive

  • Real-time auralization - When enabled, dearVR UNITY calculates in real-time all reflections based on the object’s position and the analyzed room geometry.

Use multiple reverbs on one audio source

  • Efficient reverb mixer plugin - Dive into the creative sound design with dearVR UNITY using reverb send busses. The reverb groups can now be connected to various audio sources sharing the same reverb processing for optimized performance.


Format: Unity-package for Unity game engine

Unity version: 2017.4 LTS or newer (Mac: Intel version only)


  • Use for PC / Mac / iOS / Android
  • Support for Unity versions 2017.4 or higher
  • VR ready for all HMD devices
  • Works with any pair of headphones
  • Flag for stereo loudspeaker mode

Package includes

  • dearVR engine
  • dearVR reverb audio plugin
  • Demo scene
  • Documentation PDF

Supported sample rates: 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192kHz

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