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Destruction - Construction Kit

Destruction - Construction Kit

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Destruction Sound FX - the baton for your own destructive masterpiece

Destruction belongs to the most versatile and multifaceted events in terms of sound design. There are so many different acoustic elements playing together to form a bigger soundscape that is finally so much more than the sum of its parts. Sound designing a proper devastation is more than just layering impact and explosion sounds, it’s like a symphony of destruction, like an organized chaos with a multiplicity of sounds.
Our extensive Destruction SFX library contains exactly the sounds you need to create your own destructive masterpiece.

Destruction Construction Kit

  • The whole gamut of destruction right at the tip of your fingers - You want to cause some epic havoc? Then the Construction Kit sound pack is your perfect companion for your own and unique sound design. You get a plethora of high-quality destructive source sounds. More than 1.400 different sounds in more than 230 files.

  • Different materials - different destructive states - The Construction Kit contains various materials like glass, ice, metal, plastic, rock & wood in different states like stress, creak, impact, crack, break & smash. All this in different sizes and lengths to give you the greatest variety for your devastation.

Included Sounds - Keywords

destruction, explosion, fireworks, glass, crushing, falling, moving, throwing, detonating, smash, splinter, porcelain, breaks, hitting, destroying, crumbling, scraping, stress, impacts, rattle, heavy, creaks, rocks, rumbles, wood

1400+ ROYALTY-FREE SOUND FX • 230+ WAV FILES • 96kHz/24bit • 7.3GB

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