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Divisimate - Realtime Orchestration Engine

Divisimate is a standalone tool that allows you to orchestrate your live performance with your virtual instruments in real time. Connect tracks in your sequencer to the Divisimate Ports and record individual parts for each instrument right inside your project. Divisimate splits up the chords you play into individual musical voices and allows you to send them to up to 32 individual parts.

  • Play your favorite virtual instruments live as an ensemble and record individual parts inside your DAW

  • Choose from three different Divisi Modes to split chords dynamically into up to 8 different voices

  • Route individual voices to 32 different ports and apply plugins to transpose, switch articulations or add rhythm

  • Transpose and modify parts using plugins to create your own voicings and orchestrations

  • Define upper and lower keyboard ranges to be passed through and routed separately

  • Create human differences between parts with the humanization engine

  • Play live or use recorded inputs by sending MIDI from your DAW back into Divisimate using the Loopback Input

  • Save every orchestration as a preset and switch quickly between presets on the perform page

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Additional Features:

  • Transposer Scale Lock - Have your ensemble play complete voicings in key with the Global Scale Lock. Transpose different instruments by different scale degrees to build chords and listen to them stay within the selected scale as you play. Change the root note through the Low Range and explore new harmonic worlds instantly.

  • Multiple Perform Page Layouts - Save and manage different layouts of your Perform Page with different presets. These different layouts are called Performances. This way you can tailor the selection and order of presets to different projects or templates – and even save specific default preset for each Performance.

  • Performance Manager - In the Performance Manager you can view and edit your custom Performances, or export and import them with all included presets to share with other musicians. Assign your favorite Performances to a quickload slot to recall them quickly on the Perform Page.

  • Quick Changes with Drag & Drop - Quickly reorder and modify the layout of your presets on the perform page by using drag & drop. When you hold Ctrl on Windows or Cmd on Mac, you can drag and drop instantly. An updated preset format also makes it easier to organize your presets in folders without losing the assignments to the perform pads.

  • MPE Input Support - Use a MPE Controller with Divisimate to have even more control over every single note. All CC, Aftertouch & Pitch Bend data that belong to a certain note will automatically be sent to the instruments playing those notes.

  • DAW Tempo Sync - Synchronize the generated patterns from the Repeater Plugins to your DAW tempo by sending MIDI Clock from your sequencer to Divisimate. The Repeaters will follow your tempo changes and stay in sync with your project – an invaluable advantage for scoring.

Orchestrate Page

On the orchestrate page you can activate a certain number of voices and additional keyboard ranges. Every voice and range you can then route to one of the 32 Divisimate Ports.

Orchestration Page

Perform Page

Organize your favorite presets on up to 100 pads on the perform page and switch between your favorite orchestrations instantly. You can also select the pads of your choice using MIDI controls or the free remote control app for iOS and Android.

Perform Page

Modifier Plugins

You can apply different plugins to every individual port in Divisimate to customize your orchestration.

  • The Transposer allows you to transpose every part and range independently.

  • The Trigger can send out specific notes and controllers to switch articulations when a preset is loaded.

  • The Repeater can add rhythm and grooves to longer notes by repeating them in a customizable pattern.


Divisimate can be used in combination with most major DAWs (Cubase, Studio One, Pro Tools, Reaper, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Logic Pro X) and with essentially any kind of virtual instrument. However the specific workflow with Divisimate can be limited by the capabilities of a DAW. Logic Pro can only record a maximum of 16 parts from Divisimate at a time using Divisimate’s „Logic Mode“.

On its own Divisimate does not produce any sound. There needs to be a host software with virtual instruments connected to the Divisimate Ports to use it as intended.

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„Having recently used Divisimate in an orchestrally heavy project, it saved an enormous amount of time that would have been spent splitting parts manually.” Nick Magnus on Divisimate Version 1.1.

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5.0 of 5  
11.10.2022 Language: englisch

First Rate! Divisimate inspires and accelerates my creative process and orchestration practice!

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07.07.2022 Language: englisch




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  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 64 bit
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