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Drum MIDI Back to the Roots
release date: 19.06.2024

Drum MIDI Back to the Roots



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Laid-back pocket-style grooves inspired by folk, soul, blues, hip-hop and more.4

  • Drum grooves inspired by folk, soul, blues, hip-hop and more
  • Laid-back pocket-style material, ideal for general songwriting
  • Includes ten “songs” and a total of more than 400 individually played grooves/fills
  • 3/4 and 4/4 in straight and/or swing feel
  • Tempos ranging from 60 BPM to 135 BPM

Mixing elements from soul, blues and folk with with an edgy and behind-the-beat feel, this collection of drum MIDI delivers a batch of pocket-style grooves that’ll suit the acoustic songwriter just as much as the hip-hop beat maker. It was performed by drummer Skye Polson of two-time JUNO Award-winning Canadian group Digging Roots.

Expect an eclectic mix of material that touches on a wealth of styles but converge in exactly those two fundamental components: pocket and groove. If you’re looking for a fresh take on some old-school grooves where vibe and mojo are front and center, this MIDI pack will be pure pocket power.

The content of this MIDI pack is unique and not the same as the MIDI that comes included with the Alchemy of Pop EZX or any other EZX/SDX..

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