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EBX Progressive Metal

EBX Progressive Metal


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EZbass Expansion inspired by Progressive Metal

Over the past decades, the "progressive" movement has arguably been the most vibrant and ever-evolving constant in the metal scene. From its formative beginnings with Queensryche, Savatage and Fates Warning, through the melodic mastery of Dream Theater, the creative ingenuity of Tool, the genre completely redefining sound of Meshuggah, to today's many more unusual influences and excursions, progressive metal has always maintained close contact with its roots yet pushed and expanded the boundaries with the ever driving force of progress.

This EBX expansion for EZbass reflects exactly this ambiguity and all the typical characteristics of the genre - a 6-string bass whose sound combines the nuanced expressiveness with the uncompromising power and force of progressive metal. To complement the fantastic sounds, this library comes with a huge selection of genre-typical basslines and riffs, as well as an impressive variety of mixer presets by processing them with a wide range of effects.

EBX Porgressive Metal GUI and Box

Feature Spotlight

  • Soundlibrary expansion for EZbass.
  • Contains a carefully sampled modern 6-string bass
  • Inspired by the sound and bass players of the progressive metal scene
  • Electric bass sampled with fingers, plectrum, slaps and taps
  • Range of both instruments A0 to A4
  • Contains a wide range of sound presets with various sound processing by amps, EQs, compression as well as other effects inspired by progressive metal
  • Offers the unprocessed DI signal as an option for optimal external processing
  • Contains an extensive internal MIDI library with countless genre-typical bass patterns inspired by Progressive Metal

This EBX extension requires an installed and running EZbass and integrates with sounds and MIDI automatically into the existing EZbass player.

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