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Best Service Education Program 




Best Service and many of our suppliers offer educational discounts on software for qualifying institutions* like Schools, Highschools, Universities, state-approved Music-Schools and training institutes for music and media. Educational sales are not available for individual pupils and students.

Additional to your order a written proof or product order of the qualifying institute is required including the name and email address of the software administrator. Please send additionally by email to m.schmidl@bestservice.de, by Fax to +49 89 452289210, or by letter post.
EDU orders with missing documents will not be proceeded.

If you prefer an immediate download (if available) please let us know in the message field at the checkout (possible shipping fees will be refund of course). Otherwise we will ship boxes in general.

* License agreement
Products marked as EDU (educational) may only be used by the authorized institution, their teachers, pupils and students for education purposes only but not for commercial production. EDU versions are not allowed to be resold or distributed in any way.
By ordering you agree to our license agreement and our terms & conditions.

EDU oders cannot be combined with any other special offers, promotions, discounts or vouchers!

Volume-Licenses on request!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any more question.

Vienna Symphonic Library
VSL offers education multi-licenses of the following products only, and for educational institutes only:

VSL EDU 1     VSL EDU 2     VSL EDU 3

Special Editions and Special Edition Bundles, Symphonic Cube Full Library, and Super Package Full Library
These EDU licenses cannot be ordered through our web shop.
Please contact our sales team for any question or order by phone +49 (89)-4522892-0 or s.pletzer@bestservice.de

459,- €
$ 419.89
Premium media production system
Wavelab Elements
66,- €
$ 60.38
The smallest member of the current WaveLab product range
Wavelab Pro
269,- €
$ 246.08
WaveLab, the perfect mastering solution
Superior Drummer 3
279,- €
$ 255.23
Superior Drummer 3 - the complete Drum Production Studio
Train Your Ears EQ Edition
39,- €
$ 39.-
Ear Training for Sound Engineers
179,- €
$ 219.-
Exceptional acoustic instruments
199,- €
$ 182.04
Harmonic Tracking Resynthesis Reverb
Design Bundle
411,- €
$ 375.98
Three sound design powerhouses
Morph 2
139,- €
$ 127.16
Real-Time structural audio morphing
Orange Vocoder
139,- €
$ 127.16
Multi-Algorithm Vocoder Plug-In
299,- €
$ 273.52
Re-Write mixed music in real-time
Remix Bundle
411,- €
$ 375.98
Music Recomposition Plug-in Bundle
Repair Bundle
666,- €
$ 609.25
Fix the UNfixable, UNleash Sonic Detail
Time Factory II
299,- €
$ 273.52
Precision batch time stretching and pitch shifting
299,- €
$ 273.52
Codec artifact removal & transient retrieval
299,- €
$ 273.52
Adaptive Tonal Contour Linearization
139,- €
$ 127.16
Boost or attenuate drums in mixed music
299,- €
$ 273.52
De-Reverberation and Signal Focusing
149,- €
$ 136.30
Otherworldly Multi-effects Processor Plug-in
ZAP II Bundle
1251,- €
$ 1144.40
All nine of the AI and Source Separation based Plug-ins