Effects Trance
release date: 23.09.2019

Effects Trance


Avenger Expansion Pack

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Press 1 finger at the key you like and be prepared for a long boom to lead into your break, chose from many 4-, 8- or 16 bars long energy driven fills - complete with riser sweeps, fx, drums, whirls and a cool "drop" to lead into your main chorus of your track. This is not just fast & easy, it also makes a lot of fun, experimenting or layering different fills and drops. Of course you can alter the complete fill in to your needs just by using the pre-defined macro controls or the modwheel. And the best thing is: it sounds fat, complex and super professional - like straight from your favourite chart tracks! The expansion furthermore contains everything you hear in the demo... so there are also many leads, basses and drumkits (!) and lots of fresh multisamples.


  • 128 Avenger presets
  • 35 additional drumkits & sequences
  • 18 additional granular samples
  • 85 additional multisamples
  • 14 additional osc-shapes
  • 4 additional wavetables


To use this product, an installed and activated Version of Avenger 1 or Avenger 2 is required.

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