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Explorer SFX Cloud 1-Year Subscription
release date: 31.07.2023

Explorer SFX Cloud 1-Year Subscription

1-Year Subscription

Standalone Mac & Win

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The most powerful way to find and manage your sounds

Explorer is a powerful application that allows you to manage your files with enormous control. Designed from the beginning to work with and support surround and immersive formats, you get incredible control over them. Explorer SFX Cloud subscription allows you to access over 100 000 professional sound effects.

SFX Cloud subscription

  • Sound effects: Get access to over 100 000 professional sound effects (in mono, stereo, multichannel and Ambisonics) created by our talented and professional partners

  • Full access: If you subscribe to SFX Cloud, you will have access to both your local libraries and the online ones, which you can organize using all the options Explorer offers. There are no tiers to this subscription: one subscription gives you access to the full library!

  • Improve your workflow: You can’t find a specific sound in your local library that would work wonders in your project? There’s a very high chance Explorer SFX Cloud will have it. Improve your workflow, find the sound you need in seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use Explorer if I don´t have a subscription?

Yes, of course! You can continue using Explorer to manage all your local sounds with all the features you deserve. You will also be able to access the full SFX Cloud library and preview it (a few seconds of each file), so you can check out the sounds before you consider buying the subscription!

What happens if I cancel my SFX Cloud subscription?

You can continue using Explorer with all your local files. Sounds that were used while you were subscribed won't expire their usage license, i.e., Sounds incorporated in a media production on the date of termination of the subscription may still be used after termination. Check the Soundware EULA for more details.

What kind of sounds can I find in the SFX Cloud libraries?

You will be able to find all types of sounds to suit any needs! You can preview all types of categories of sounds even before you subscribe to the license. Some examples of the categories of sounds we have are: footsteps, aircrafts, animals and many, many others. And we support all formats: from mono to spatial and all formats in the middle.

What are ther usage rights in the sound effects from SFX Cloud?

The license granted in this Agreement allows the Licensee a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable worldwide right to distribute and publicly perform reproductions of Sounds, where these are incorporated in and synchronized with other media productions, which shall mean products that contain at least one additional media element (music, voice, image, etc.), including but not limited to radio and television broadcasts, film, music compositions, websites, podcasts, mobile apps, advertising, multi-media presentations, video games and similar.

A user cannot use the Sounds as source material for sound libraries, both free or commercial.

Can I store my local files in the cloud with Explorer SFX Cloud?

Not yet. You can access the full library with your subscription, but your files remain local.



  • macOS 10.9 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • 2-Core CPU or higher
  • RAM: 4GB


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • 2-Core CPU or higher
  • RAM: 4GB
Required Registration:

Sound Particles products require you to register with the manufacturer at www.soundparticles.com to activate your license.

This product requires an activation!

An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product.