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EZmix-Pack Modern Metal Guitars

EZmix-Pack Modern Metal Guitars


Toontrack EZmix 2

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50 Guitar & Bass Tones inspired by Modern Metal

Based on the touchstone amps of the past decades and inspired by the hallmarks of today, Modern Metal Guitars EZmix Pack paints an incredibly broad scope of tones, encompassing all the moods, styles and applications you can imagine encountering in a modern metal production. It has all the tones for your pummeling rhythms – the sharp, the gritty, the tube-fuming and the high-gained. For your leads, it rounds up all the warm and vibrant, the brittle and sharp and the complex and saturated. And for your cleans, it covers all the textured and ambient, the odd and low-key and the shimmering and soaring. And, ultimately, a collection like this wouldn’t be complete without the addition of some carefully crafted bass tones.

Welcome to an audio crosscut of where metal guitar stands today. You take it from here. Plug in.

Feature Spotlight

  • 50 mix-ready settings for EZmix 2 inspired by notable modern metal productions

  • Custom guitar tones based on amp modeling

  • Mix-ready signal chains for rhythm, lead and clean

  • A selection of tones for bass guitar

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