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EZX Signature - Part 2
release date: 30.05.2023

EZX Signature - Part 2


Toontrack EZX

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For singer-songwriter, tight, edgy and modern!

Recorded both in the main room and the fared booth at Studio III, this E2X features two drum libraries and a selection of drums handpicked to cover a tonal width spanning anything from the warm, mellow and round to the tight, edgy and beat-oriented - sampled with sticks, rods and brushes. To add, a comprehensive selection of go-to percussion instruments were recorded, making this a definitive go-to for any songwriter. With this E2x, you'll have a selection of unique and rare kits captured in the same rooms that the likes of Prince, Beck, Fleetwood Mac and many more trusted to grace their albums.

EZX Signature P2 Box and GUI

Feature Spotlight

  • Recorded in Studio Ill at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles/USA
  • Features two interfaces/ambiences: Main Room and Booth
  • Recorded by the EZdrummer 3 core-library team as a natural extension/follow-up to the E7D 3 core-library
  • 4 rare and unique kits
  • A total of 6 kicks, 9 snares, 11 toms, 3 hi-hats, 3 rides, 6 crashes (3) full cymbal sets
  • One complete kit/cymbals recorded with rods and one complete kit/cymbals with snare wires off
  • One complete kit/cymbals recorded with brushes
  • Extensive percussion library feat. tambourines, shakers, maracas, castagnets, claves, cowbells, claps, snaps and more
  • Comes with 40 mix-ready presets engineered by Michael libert
  • Includes a collection of 350+ MIDI grooves and fils recorded by sampling Drummer Norman Garschke tailored for the library and specifically recorded for each kit MIDI grooves and fills tailored for the library

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