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Fire & Water - Designed Kit

Fire & Water - Designed Kit

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Cinematic Fire & Water with an incredibly strong character

Fire & Water are two very impressive and interesting elements. Their manifestations range from tiny and harmless to huge and devastating. As a consequence their sonic character is just as diverse and should be properly featured with all its facets in a sound FX library. And that was just our minimum requirement for this masterpiece. Besides several thousand (!) of fire & water sounds, we added a lot of extraordinary sweeteners to further support the already strong character and to give your sound design this specific edge.

As this library carries the BOOM Library „Cinematic“ label, it is destined to once more raise the bar in terms of characteristic and state-of-the-art sound FX. The outcome is a stunning collection of sounds that’s packed up to the lid with extraordinary sound design compositions and a huge amount of crystal-clear source recordings. You’ll love the crispiness, the punch, the tremendous power, the fine details and the versatile spectrum of sounds.

Fire & Water Designed

  • Ready-to-use sounds for instant awesomeness - Unleash the fullness of nature’s fury with the fierce Designed Kit. This is where the incredibly detailed recordings of the Construction Kit take on a life of their own with earth-shaking force and impact. Most sounds are available as small, medium and large variants – all fully immersive and production ready: You can’t help but picture an epic scene for each with your eyes closed.

  • Perfect to beef up trailers and more - Besides the obvious field of application which is designing fire & water sounds, this pack really shines when it comes to designing some out-of-this-world trailers. Or what about applying fire & water sounds to creatures, to destruction scenarios, to heavy impacts? This is all up to you.

Included Sounds - Keywords

  • Fire: Campfire, flaming, whooshes, crackling and sizzling flames, burning fire, moving flames, rumbling bursts, volcanic bursts, eruptions, lava bubbles, flamethrower, fireworks, fire fans, fire greases, fire jet impacts, fire drenchers, firecracker explosions, fire torches

  • Water: underwater movements, emerging bubbles, body fall impacts, splashes, snow scrapes, snowboard pass by, snow ski pass by, river flows, waves, water bubbling, water bucket emersion, piece of wood slaps, drops

310+ ROYALTY-FREE SOUND FX • 90+ WAV FILES • 96kHz/24bit • 2.5GB

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This Multi Format Library (included format(s) listed in product description) does not include any playback software. A suitable software is required to load and play the sounds included with this product.


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