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Professional And Truly Flexible Reverb

FlexVerb is a fully-featured and extremely versatile SSL reverb plugin designed to deliver a professional mix-ready sound in a quick and intuitive way. FlexVerb’s versatile split early-late reflection interface allows you to add the natural body and tone of different early room reflections, complimented by the richness of a variety of expansive reverb tail options.

FlexVerb features a 6-band EQ, High and Low Pass Filters, 3-band reverb time multipliers and input sidechain compressor to help you craft reverb that sits perfectly in your mix. FlexVerb’s algorithmic architecture gives you the depth, character and detail of a professional reverb in a simple rewarding interface.

Key Features

  • Four Reverb Types: Room, Hall, Plate, and Chamber

  • Early & Late Reflection types can be independently selected; for example, Small Room Early Reflections, with a Large Plate Reverb Tail

  • 6 Band SSL EQ, with 3 bands of reverb time multipliers

  • Output compressor (applied to reverb only) side-chained by the ‘dry’ input signal; useful to help sit the reverb in the mix

  • Lockable Dry/Wet Mix control; fix the mix of dry and wet signal when switching between presets

  • Infinity reverb time switch

  • Reverb tail kill switch

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5.0 of 5  
28.05.2023 Language: englisch

After 2 months I found myself using *** on vocal sends much more than other reverbs although I have a big collection. What is good about this reverb is that it is hard to overdo it's effect like I always done with others. Don't know what technique SSL used for that purpose but it can suite every vocal mix very well except when you need complex modulations with choruses and delays in one plugin. Good overall on sale.

5.0 of 5  
30.03.2023 Language: englisch

Best Service is ALWAYS my Favorite Place to purchase Software! They have Great Deals & Specials and they ALWAYS provide the Best Customer Service!!! (No pun intended.... Well, maybe.)

5.0 of 5  
20.03.2023 Sprache: deutsch

Ein tolles Produkt..das gehallt sich einfach so.., noch dazu für diesen Preis. Das ist Nachhall pur..



  • macOS 10.12 or higher
  • Apple Silicon compatible
  • 64 bit
  • RAM: 4GB or higher


  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit
  • RAM: 4GB or higher
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