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Funk & Soul- Elastik Inspire Series

Funk & Soul- Elastik Inspire Series

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„Elastik Inspire Series“ - Funk & Soul keeps the authentic feeling of Funk & Soul music. Live recorded guitars, funky real drum loops, bass licks with 100% groove and many more soul material.

All loops are 4 bars long. 400 drum and single drum tracks, all easily combinable. Create over 100.000 funky drum grooves within seconds.

More than 700 loops from instruments like electric bass, synth, brass, clavinet, e-piano, guitar, organ, piano and many more. All made ready for the „Elastik Inspire Series“.

Library Features:
- 2.7 GB, 1282 Loops
- authentic content for each genre
- Random Button for new inspiration
- automatic speed adjustment to existing projects
- infinite possibilities of new tracks and inspiration / ideas
- concerted tonality within the loops

Player Features:
- innovative loopeye functions
- fast browser features (multiple filter search, tagging)
- prelisten in sync
- sequence mode (loads of edtiting features per slice)
- random sound replacement
- parameter automation
- realtime sync to host
- bounce of original and modified loops
- resizeable window format
- mutiple soundbank management
- timestretch and pitchshift in best quality

Elastik Player included - no sampler required!


How does „Elastik Inspire Series“ work?

The ‚Elastik Inspire Series‘ goes beyond previous boundaries of sample libraries. All loops and tonal phrases fit together perfectly every time, even across genres. Each sample is automatically detected and stretched to the song tempo.

The Elastik 2 Player, the 2.7 GB sample library and the elaborate tagging system aid in spontaneously creating new tracks. The workflow is fast, simple and clear.

Any instrument can be replaced with samples of the same instrument group at random via the intelligent random-replacement function. The results always work flawlessly. All samples of the ‚Elastik Inspire Series‘ match perfectly. This creates millions of opportunities for new and inspiring tracks.

The ‚Elastik Inspire Series‘ represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration especially for creative people in the music, film, multimedia and web industry. Due to the high quality of Ueberschall products, the created tracks can be immediately integrated into one‘s own projects without any further treatment.

What do the different functions mean?
Using the „Random“ button, new combinations of instruments can be created automatically. The selected sample will be replaced by a randomly selected sample of the same instrument class. The tagging system keeps track of certain features, such as the type of instrument of the sample. Thereby samples are selected from all genres.

Apart from its new graphic interface, Elastik 2 offers a whole new range of desirable features: The self-explanatory browser, designed for fast access to any loaded sound libraries. Browser features: The multiple filter search function allows quickly to find sounds. Prelisten the whole library content in-sync to host tempo and tag favorite samples.

The central Loopeye surface focuses all attention on the loop. All editing is now done inside the Loopeye. Within Loopeye you can record all cursor movements for automation purposes. Elastik 2 even features a sequence mode. Slice up your loop and access an unmatched multitude of editing features for each part.

Due to the advanced architecture of the élastique pro algorithm by zplane.development, realtime sync-to-host is an integral part of Elastik 2.
It also provides highest sound quality and CPU-friendly processing. A random replacement function is a ground breaking feature to create new loops and sounds. Elastik 2 now offers a completely dynamic zoom function to resize its window format.

Loop to Inspire!


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Flag FR spaceNushockmusic

Nouveau dans le cycle ´´Elastik Inspire Series´´, FUNK & SOUL revient sur les fondamentaux de la black music des années 70. Tout y est,  oucles de batterie réelle, basses avec groove obligatoire et naturel, guitares époustouflantes. Tout le matériel pour construire un son qui groove à mort est dans cette nouvelle collection.
Plus de 400 pistes de drums uniques, possibilités de faire groover plus de 100.000 FUNKY DRUMMER juste aux bouts des doigts.



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5.0 of 5  
28.05.2018 Language: englisch

I love the unique Elastik interface for tweaking the various sample libraries; it makes for a pleasant and simplified method to accomplish a typically difficult task. The samples are very realistic and respond quite well to the controls.

5.0 of 5  
12.10.2017 Sprache: deutsch

Die Audiofiles liefern durchweg exzellente Inspiration in vielfältiger Hinsicht. Egal ob man einfach nur mal ne Stunde rumjammen will, die passende Bridge für das eigene Material sucht, oder sich ein komplettes Arrangement bastelt! Der Burner sind hier insbesondere die Möglichkeiten zu kombinieren - da passt so ziemlich alles - echt abgefahren. Okay, der Player dürfte nach meinem Geschmack etwas übersichtlicher sein. Soundqualität lässt ebenfalls nichts zu wünschen übrig. Habe es in einer Sonderaktion (-60%) erworben - günstiger gehts nicht und dafür muss man es unbedingt... KAUFEN!

5.0 of 5  
29.12.2014 Sprache: deutsch

Super Aufnahmen, Super Grooves!


Free ELASTIK 3.6.3 Loop-Player is included in this product.
With its intuitive Loopeye editing environment, the high-quality pitch, key, scale and tempo manipulation algorithms and the huge collection of Elastik-ready sample libraries, spanning almost every conceivable musical genre, Elastik is a powerful workstation for loop-based musicproduction. It can be used either as a standalone application or as plugin within almost any DAW on both Windows and macOS platforms.


  • macOS 10.12 or higher
  • Apple Silicon Support
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 8 or higher
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