Future Bounce 2

Future Bounce 2


Avenger Expansion Pack

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Get ready to bounce!

Volume 2 of "Future Bounce" arrived with tons of additional sounds for you to explore. Enjoy melodic plucks, fat beats, bouncy basslines, epic drops and insane breaks & build ups. Marcel Seifer once again shows his skills in this genre and as a trained pianist he knows exactly how to program great and catchy melodies. Of course, apart from 129 new Presets you will also find new multisamples, drumkits, effects, wavetables and even vocals - This is a must have for all Future Bounce, Trance, Chart, Pop, Slap House and any other EDM related genres!


  • 129 Avenger Presets
  • 17 Drumkits
  • 17 Drumsequences
  • 4 Multiloops
  • 57 Multisamples
  • 44 Osc-shapes/wavetables

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