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Cosmic Digital Dust

Galactron is a deep dive into the early explorations of digital synthesis. Travel through crystalline 12-bit FM synthesis, gritty Phase Distortion synthesis, and lush digitally controlledanalog straight from the 80s. With the help of MNTRA's powerful sound sculpting engine, MNDALA 2, the sounds of these synthesisers that we have known and loved for a long time, have been expanded into a new kaleidoscopic creation, colourful and daring to be different.

With seven categories: Keys, Bass, Lead, Pad, Sequence, Modulated and Exploration; Galactron boasts 40 sample maps and over 100 presets that will serve the style of any creator seeking vibrant neon, beautifully aliased, cosmic sounds.

Galactron Gui

Instruments included:

  • Keys: E-Piano, Crystal Pluck, String Thing, Scorched Keys, Dusty Bells, Marimbaphonic, Membrane, Bellish, Dreamer Keys, Reverser, Analog Harpsichord

  • Bass: Jetson Bass, Swoop Bass, Submarine, Short Sub, Burnt Bass

  • Stab: Brass Pluck, Bright Stab

  • Lead: Laser, Astro Lead

  • Pad: Mothership Organ, Digi Pad, Brass Pad, Reedy, Neon, Air, Hollow, Unstable Organ, Angelo, Atomic, Voyager, E.T. Flute, Starlost, Flanged, Lush Pad, Rover



  • macOS 10.11 or higher
  • Apple Silicon compatibility
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 64 bit
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