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Innovative sounds and sound design by Steven Wilson

  • Includes over 60 Gigs of unique instruments, many of which have been mutated or processed beyond all recognition!
  • Includes Guitars, Basses, Keyboards, Ethnic Instruments, Drums
  • Recorded in the world famous EASTWEST studios
  • New FX section is included with Ghostwriter, and available as an optional upgrade for all other legacy EastWest Opus virtual instruments.
  • The FX section includes a SSL EQ and Dynamics Channel Strip, Transient Shaper, and SSL´s legendary Stereo Bus Compressor; Echoplex EP-1 Delay, Amp Simulator, plus an upgraded "true stereo" reverb from EastWest.

EastWest Ghostwriter GUI

One of the most eclectic and prolific artists in rock music, Steven Wilson has been writing, recording, and producing music continuously since the early nineties. As leader of his band Porcupine Tree, and more recently as a solo artist, he has gained a reputation for his songwriting, experimentation, and sonic excellence. Since learning how to produce and record music on equipment made for him as a child by his electronic genius father in the 80´s, Steven´s passion has always been to experiment with the possibilities of sculpting with sound. Avoiding presets or existing samples, he has instead preferred to create unique sonic worlds, thus blurring the boundaries between sound design, song-writing, and record production. However, he also recognizes that not everyone has the time or inclination to spend so much time developing sound sources when working on their productions.

For the first time ever, this new virtual instrument presents many of Steven´s most innovative sounds, as well as a selection of especially created instruments and some replications of instantly recognizable classic sounds originally created by other legendary producers and engineers. These organic and inspirational sounds can be used as part of the fabric of complex music productions, or as the basis for cinematic soundtrack-based music, providing a ready-made selection of sonic building blocks with years of expertise and sonic innovation already embedded in them.


In music, a Ghostwriter is a composer who writes musical pieces or makes other contributions that are officially credited to another person. The concept of Ghostwriting (or "ghosting") goes back centuries, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a well known composer paid to ghostwrite music for wealthy patrons. The practice is controversial as typically the Ghostwriter is not credited, but it´s widely practiced in our industry, particularly in the creation of film and television soundtracks. We feel it is an appropriate name for this project as Steven will be bringing his vast sound design and production experience to your music, but will probably never meet you, and as such is your Ghostwriter.


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Ghostwriter isn't really a ghostwriter, but its a fabulous ans inspiring range of contemporary but slightly unconventional instruments that any serious media composer or more experimental music producer could benefit from.

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Freilich ist Ghostwriter nicht in der Lage, Ihnen die harte Arbeit des Komponierens abzunehmen. Mit einer umfangreichen Sammlung charaktervoller und expressiv spielbarer Instrumente ist die Sample- basierte Workstation aber ein hervorragender musikalischer Ideenlieferant. Die aufgeräumte Bedienoberfläche unterstützt ein schnelles Arbeiten und die Play-Engine gestattet nicht zuletzt dank der erstklassigen Effektausstattung eine flexible Anpassung der Sounds.


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04.09.2022 Language: englisch

Songwriting & Composing Essential product for all Musicians, Songwriters, Composers and Creatives. This product is excellent.

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13.01.2020 langue: française


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04.04.2018 Language: englisch

Great vst


This library includes "Opus" as a Sample-Player.


  • macOS 10.13 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Quad-Core CPU (Octa-Core recommended)
  • 2,7 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 16GB (32GB or more recommended)
  • SSD hard drive (SATA or PCIe)


  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • ASIO sound driver
  • Quad-Core CPU (Octa-Core recommended)
  • 2,7 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 16GB (32GB or more recommended)
  • SSD hard drive (SATA or PCIe)
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