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GRAVITY is not just another virtual instrument - it's like having an award-winning sound design team at your fingertips. Experience the most dynamic collection of Modern Scoring Tools ever assembled.
Developed by Heavyocity’s award-winning team of professional composers and sound designers (Interstellar, Gone Girl, Godzilla), GRAVITY covers the gamut of intangible scoring elements; complex Pads, evocative Risers, other-worldly Stings, and earth-shattering Hits. With over 12GB of production-ready instruments in an inspiring new interface, GRAVITY delivers a stunning sound and visual aesthetic. Get Pulled In and make the Heavyocity sound your own.

  • Motion - Break the boundaries of static sound with the all-new MOTION feature. From smooth, tempo-synced swells and rhythmic pulsing motifs, to complex stutters and glitch effects, MOTION delivers fully customizable control of volume, pan, and pitch modulation.  But don't stop there. Craft additional complex sequences with the feature's PATTERN CHAINER and the hypnotic VOLUME MODULATOR. Experience unlimited possibilities with the richest set of sound features ever offered in a Heavyocity instrument.

  • Designer - As composers for film, television, and video game trailers, we realize that great-sounding Hits and Hybrid Risers are in short supply. The new DESIGNERS offer deep customization, providing the perfect accents for your score. The Hits are presented in four layers; sub, impact, tail, and whoosh - with the ability to combine and control each element for maximum impact. Risers are presented in three layers; Organic, Synth, and FX - each of which can be stacked simultaneously with length/timing and tempo-sync options. Get GRAVITY and never run out of these essential tools again.

  • Pads - Feel the emotional pull of GRAVITY. With playable atmospheric textures, evolving tonal pads, and intricate SFX beds, GRAVITY will immediately become your go-to instrument for ambient composition.

  • The pads are presented in three-channel complex, menu, and single channel formats to support multiple workflows. Complex presets have been expanded with up to six snapshots, accentuating the uniqueness of each individual sound. GRAVITY provides flexible design features flat-out unparalleled by any other virtual instrument on the market today.

  • Risers - For the first time in a Heavyocity product, we are proud to include fully customizable Risers. Combine evocative string sections (ORGANIC) with ripping synth (SYNTH) and dramatic effects layers (FX) to quickly craft unique Risers on the fly. Further manipulate the Risers using the MOTION tab; even change the duration of the Riser, syncing to beats or time, for total control over ascending tension and suspense. Use the DESIGNER to stack up to three layers to 12 user-customizable slots for quick and easy playback. Master the creation of hair-raising sound design elements with Heavyocity's first-ever customizable Riser experience.

  • Hits & Stings - Add weight to your dramatic moments with GRAVITY's Hits & Stings. Combine up to four of the 192 distinct elements to create virtually limitless combinations of unique Hits. Turn "Whoosh" on or off and adjust length seamlessly. Not enough customization for you? Introduce complex glitch and stutter effects with the motion sequencer and Trigger FX. The fourth center of GRAVITY is, arguably, the most unique - Stings. Four hundred individual Stings cover a vast range, from reverse hits and whooshes, to disturbing metals and aggressive tonal sweeps. When it comes to punctuated textures and impacts, GRAVITY covers it all.

Gravity ExperienceOrganic

GRAVITY's distinct sound is comprised of a massive collection of organic source material captured both out in the field and in controlled environments. We spent over a year bowing, bending, resonating, smashing, dropping, and colliding at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, Brick Hill Studios in Mass, and here at Heavyocity HQ. The result is a highly-detailed collection that's been carefully mixed and mastered for immediate use in your scores. In GRAVITY, you'll find the full range of meticulous hybrid scoring elements: orchestral/hybrid Risers, complex textural Pads, earth-shattering Hits, and dramatic signature Stings.


It's no secret we love our analog gear, and GRAVITY wouldn't be a Heavyocity instrument without some serious mangling and processing. Custom-built modular analog units were fed source material from our rich library, and then layered and tweaked until they screamed that signature Heavyocity sound. We shaped each and every sonic millisecond so that your next score is flush with the finest cinematic sound design elements in the industry.

Heavyocity Design

GRAVITY was designed to inspire. As with all of our instruments, our focus is to provide the very best sound in an inspiring and easy-to-use interface.

The all-new MOTION feature joins the reimagined Punish and Twist knobs to even further spark your musical imagination. A brand new interface designed by the digital artists behind Marvel Studios' film graphics and several SpaceX initiatives provides the perfect creative platform. Redefine your sound with GRAVITY. Get Pulled In.

Tech Specs

  • 12 GB uncompressed (9.2GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)
  • Available as direct download only
  • 2200+ Sound Sources
  • 815+ Snapshots
  • 325+ Motion Presets (NKA’s)
  • 1200+ NKIs
    780+ Pads
    390+ Stings
    19 Riser Menus
    9 Hit Menus
  • Two new “Designers” for Hits and Risers
  • Motion page for advanced volume, pitch, and pan pattern creation
  • Playable Trigger FX™ for real-time control
  • Stand-alone, VST, AU, DXi, AAX, RTAS


  • GRAVITY is uniquely watermarked for each individual customer
  • All files in GRAVITY are watermarked using a propriety technology
  • Customers may be required to provide their full Identification for authorization purposes


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Flag EN spaceMusicTech Magazine, 07/2015

MusicTech Choice 9/10


Gravity is a great library on its own right, but there are enough hands-on features to take the sounds into new dimensions. It's both inspirational and creative.


Andy Jones for MusicTechMag

Flag EN spaceSound Bytes Magazine 07/2015



It costs $449 USD, but if you are serious about your cinematic experience, then the main button for controlling your cinematic future is the one with the “Add To Chart” sign on it. I thought I wouldn’t do any cinematic music this summer, but this library is so appealing that I’ve changed my mind. It’s definitely a pro tool that’ll become standard in big studios. For a little less than 500 bucks you can emulate big Hollywood studios. Quality has its price. It’s up to you.

by A. Arsov, July 2015

full Gravity review at Sound Bytes Magazine

Flag EN spaceASK Audio 06/2015

ASK Aduio logo

Me Likey

I found a lot to like about Gravity. More than just a collection of textures, Gravity has quite the library of musical pads, elements, rises, and stingers that will save most film composers and producers quite a lot of time. I was especially happy to see so many pitched elements that can be worked into songs rather than just sound effect beds that are fairly isolated. Gravity truly is an instrument, and a diverse one at that.


Full GRAVITY review at ASK Audio

Flag EN spaceFilm and Game Composers, 06/2015


If you’re into sound design and looking for some new massive sounds to add to your palette this is an essential buy full of very high quality sounds. You get a lot of flexibility being able to combine the individual elements of which the sounds are made and the ability to sync the risers and whooshes to your tempo is a real time saver!

Full Gravity review at FGC

Flag EN spaceThe Audio Spotlight, 06/2015



Much like the Sun uses its gravity to pull the planets towards it, Gravity pulls you in and makes you want to play with it. It is admirable how Heavyocity uses samples combined with the great interface to expand your sonic palette. Think of Gravity as Damage, DM-307 and Aeon combined. It uses the best of all worlds and makes it something unique and interesting. Gravity surely is an awesome library.


full GRAVITY review at TAS

Flag EN spaceSampleLibraryReview.com,06/2015

Wrap Up

In my opinion Gravity is a glimpse into what the future holds for hybrid instruments .

I think we are going to start hearing Gravity in a lot of scores. However, I don’t think we will always notice the instrument, because each composer has the ability to sculpt and shape the sounds to create sonic textures, pads and hits uniquely their own.


full GRAVITY review at SLR

Flag EN spaceSounds and Gear, 06/2015

S&G logo5 subs

So what’s the bottom line?

When Heavyocity comes out with a new cinematic library, it’s time to pay attention.

This library is no exception.

5subsOverall I give GRAVITY 5 out of 5 subs, the sound is amazing, the variety is huge, and the way you can manipulate, customize, and alter your sounds is super powerful and just plain fun.

I love how it covers styles from light and airy, to experimental all the way to creepy and horrific.

Definitely head over to their site and read up on it, watch the videos, and grab your copy if you’re into high quality cinematic sound design elements.

full GRAVITY review at S&G

Flag DE spacedigital-notes.de, 06/2015

digital-notes.de logo


Mit GRAVITY hat Heavyocity ein mächtiges Klangwerkzeug für Komponisten von Film- und Spiele- Musik vorgestellt. Die Palette reicht von cool bis hoch emotional und von brav bis gruselig. Die Sounds ist sehr gut und durchsetzungsfähig.

digital-notes.de gut plus

Kompletter Testbericht für GRAVITY bei digital-notes.de


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5.0 of 5  
06.08.2019 Sprache: deutsch

top service : Best Service

4.0 of 5  
24.06.2019 Sprache: deutsch

Die Installation war anfangs nicht möglich, aber die sofortige Hilfe von BestService wirklich vorbildlichst und nach einigen mails hin und her hat es auch Heavyocity geschafft, dass der neu vergebene Seriencode endlich angenommen wurde und die Installation geklappt hat.Die Sounds sind natürlich ultra und die gute Hilfe des BestService-Teams hat den zwischenzeitlichen Frust vergessen gemacht und beweist, dass echter Service auch zufriedene Kunden und positives Echo schafft.

5.0 of 5  
08.04.2017 Sprache: deutsch

Für Cineasten der Wahn


MusicTech Choice 9/10
MuscTech, Choice

digital-notes.de gut plus
digital-notes.de gut plus

Sounds and Gear, 5 subs
Sounds And Gear, 5 Subs

4,5 stars
Sample Library Review, 4,5 stars

TAS awesome
The Audio Spotlight, 5 stars


Ramin DjawadiRamin Djawadi
"Game of Thrones", "Pacific Rim", "Safehouse"

"The diversity of sound within GRAVITY is astonishing. Each sound inspires new ideas and creative techniques that enhance my writing process. The elements in GRAVITY not only sound great but are very musical and functional. Music/Sound design is pushed to new limits with GRAVITY. Any musician will benefit with GRAVITY in their toolbox."

Kevin RieplKevin Riepl
"Aliens: Colonial Marines" (Games), "Batman Unlimited" (Films), "Contracted" (Film)

 "With GRAVITY, Heavyocity dove in and flexed a musical muscle they really haven't showcased in any of their previous products. Having said that, GRAVITY goes above and beyond the bar of quality they've previously set for themselves. The sounds are inspiring. Everything from the pads to the stings and hits are so easily tweak-able to make my own. This library has some legs for sure and will definitely become a staple in my template for many projects to come."

Alex PfefferAlex Pfeffer
"Death Race 3" (add. music), "Pacific Rim" (Comic Con Trailer), "Wolfenstein - The Old Blood"
"GRAVITY absolutely keeps what the name implies! Once you get close to it, you will always gravitate towards it when it comes to brilliantly crafted Modern Scoring Tools!"

Jason GravesJason Graves
"Dead Space" Series, "Evolve", "The Order: 1886", "Tomb Raider"

"Phenomenal sounds and instant accessibility are the two hallmarks of any Heavyocity product. As if they couldn't top themselves...gotta say this is the most epic and tweak-able Heavyocity release yet. It’s already made its way into two of my current projects. GRAVITY is an epic twist on creative sound sources and rafter-shaking drama.”

Stephan HinzStephan Hinz
 "Second State", Drumcode, Kling Klong

"Wow, GRAVITY is way beyond everything else I had in my fingers when it comes to dark and sinister sound design, and it's even beyond that. Actually, it's the world's nemesis in a playable instrument and you can control every parameter of doomsday."


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  • macOS 10.14 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Core i5 or Apple M1 (native)
  • RAM: 4GB (6GB recommended)


  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Core i5 or similar CPU
  • RAM: 4GB (6GB recommended)

Supported Interfaces:

  • Mac (64-bit only): Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, AAX
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