Guitars Vol. 2
release date: 06.02.2020

Guitars Vol. 2


Avenger Expansion Pack

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50 Muted, Nylon & Steel Guitar Kits for Avenger

Expand your universe of guitars with another 50 kits: volume 2 is dedicated to muted, nylon & steel guitars! Use them in Avengers new "Multiloop" module and play any key, any bpm and any chord you like (minor, major or 5ths) the guitar will follow your input seamlessy.

All guitar loop kits have been recorded live by a professional guitarist and by using the best guitars, effects and recording equipment you can get. They are perfect for being used as rhythmic background or lead elements in your track for nearly any genre you can imagine. This adds so much new possibilities and value to your VPS Avenger - you will love this!

This expansion adds to your library:

  • 50 Avenger Presets Total
  • 12 Muted Guitar Presets
  • 18 Nylon Guitar Presets
  • 20 Steel Guitar Presets
  • 50 Guitar Multiloop Kits 

Attention: VPS Avenger version 1.5.0 minimum required!

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