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HD Latin Percussion & Drums

HD Latin Percussion & Drums

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Congas, bongos, bells, timbales & more

Handy Drums Latin Percussion & Drums is an award-winning sampled drum virtual instrument for music production. Meticulously sampled Latin drums and percussion are easy to use, affordable and sound great right out of the box. The self-contained plugin comes with a built-in sampler (no 3rd party samplers needed). Included drums and percussion are "album ready", pre-mixed in a Latin genre, and come with up to 13 dynamic levels and 20 round-robins (samples per dynamic level).

Equipped with a clean, simple, intuitive GUI that offers essential functionalities such as volume control of individual components, drum mapping, routing, audition buttons, MIDI and driver settings, and a CC4 curve editor for e-drummers. Thumping drums and crisp percussion influenced and made popular in Latin music. Suitable in any style where an additional groove layer from funky percussion will add that extra lift.

The percussion is super clear and articulate. Congas, bongos, bells, timbales, and all other percussion instruments all have completely natural, uncolored sounds with a maximum signal-to-noise ratio. The drums are full-bodied and warm, non-intrusive, providing a very nice rounded, and well-defined tone perfect for many styles that require the use of acoustic and pure-sounding studio drums.

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  • Practical, Intuitive, Easy-To-Use Interface - Handy Drums do not require a complicated manual to use. An elaborate design of over 50 samplers and smart algorithms power your seamless experience behind the simple user interface. Access all of the essential functions intuitively.

  • Multiple Dynamic Levels - Each drum and cymbal was sampled at multiple dynamic levels to ensure the instrument’s fullest dynamic range is coming through when played back. Handy Drums Latin Percussion & Drums contains up to 13 dynamic levels per instrument.

  • Round Robin - Up to 20 samples per dynamic level - Every drum stroke played by a real drummer is ever so slightly different from the previous one, no matter how good the drummer is. This is part of what gives it that “human” feel and is why our ears can instantly hear the difference between a roll played by a real drummer and the same sample being triggered over again. To make the Latin Percussion & Drums sound more like a real drummer, each drum and cymbal has been sampled numerous times at every dynamic level. No sample is repeated sequentially during playback, but a different one is triggered.

  • 24bit Sample Depth - All Handy Drums were sampled as 24bit wav files for the best resolution and sound quality.

  • Immaculately-Sampled Acoustic Drums - To achieve larger-than-life yet completely natural-sounding drums, every step of the sampling process is critical. Starting with the drum tuning, drums were carefully treated before even a single note was played. They are captured using the highest-quality mics, preamps, and converters to preserve every minute detail.

  • Unparalleled Realism From Virtual Drums - Handy Drums Latin Percussion & Drums sounds like an actual drum kit being played right in front of you in a room instead of a bunch of individual components sounding in their own isolated spaces. They achieved realism by recording the full width of acoustic drums and their natural room ambiance, then meticulously editing and mixing them in post-production.

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  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 64-bit
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