HD Rock Standard
release date: 23.03.2023

HD Rock Standard

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Sampled Virtual Drums for Rock

Handy Drums is an award-winning sampled drum virtual instrument for music production. Meticulously sampled Rock drums are easy to use, affordable and sound great right out of the box. The self-contained plugin has a built-in sampler (no 3rd party samplers needed). Included drums are "album ready", pre-mixed in a Rock genre, and come with up to 7 dynamic levels and 12 round robins (samples per dynamic level).

Equipped with a clean, simple, intuitive GUI that offers essential functionalities such as volume control of individual components, drum mapping, routing, audition buttons, MIDI and driver settings, and a CC4 curve editor for e-drummers. Classic "go-to" rock drums that never let down. A sure thing, a great starting and ending point. A fat rocking sound that you can feel in your gut. Drums that just “work” for rock music right out of the gate. They are fat and weighty and make the best starting and ending points for most Rock songs. Snare has a fat, heavy sound with drums recorded in a room with medium sustain, so it features a natural ambiance that adds depth and authenticity.

The kick has plenty of natural beater “click” perfectly blended into the deep, rounded fundamental tone. The room responds to it, adding a natural ambient rumble after the fact. The toms are tuned a little lower, have plenty of air, and are not glued to the speakers making the whole kit work as one instrument.

Rock Standard Gui


  • Practical, Intuitive, Easy-To-Use Interface - Handy Drums do not require a rocket scientist to operate. An elaborate design of over 50 samplers and intelligent algorithms are working behind the simple user interface. They did the tweaks, so you don’t have to. Access all of the essential functions intuitively.

  • Multiple Dynamic Levels - Each drum and cymbal was sampled at multiple dynamic levels to ensure the instrument’s fullest dynamic range is coming through when played back. Handy Drums Reggae Standard contains up to 7 dynamic levels per instrument.

  • Round Robin - Up to 12 samples per dynamic level - Round robin is a method of calling up a different sample on every successive trigger of that component to make the performance sound natural and human-like. A real drummer will always strike the drum slighly different to the previous stroke, regardless of how consistent they play which is something that is desired and pleasing to our human ears. Each drum and cymbal has been sampled numerous times at every dynamic level.

  • 24bit Sample Depth - All Handy Drums were sampled as 24bit wav files for the best resolution and sound quality.

  • Immaculately-Sampled Acoustic Drums - Acoustic drums are one of the most complex instruments to correctly capture on the recording. Drum selection, skins, tuning, placement, mics, room, phase alignment to name but a few all play an important part in the final result. That is why GoranLibrary took special care at every stage to maximise the quality. Handy Drums are captured using the top of the line mics, preamps, and converters to preserve every minute detail.

  • Unparalleled Realism From Virtual Drums - Sound so natural; you can almost touch them. The Reggae Standard sounds like an actual drum set being played right in front of you in a room instead of a bunch of individual drums sounding in their own isolated spaces. They achieved realism by recording the full width of acoustic drums and their natural room ambiance, then meticulously editing and mixing them in post-production.

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  • macOS 10.11 or higher
  • Apple Silicon compatible
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 64-bit
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