Hip Hop 3
release date: 13.09.2023

Hip Hop 3


Avenger Expansion Pack

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Introducing the highly-anticipated Volume 3 of the Avengers' Hip Hop expansion series!

Hip Hop 3 features full vocal hooks, including lyrics by the talented Clevathoughts, Fabien Myles and Keybeaux adding a dynamic element to your compositions. But that's not all – Vengeance Sound packed this expansion with an array of fresh beats suitable for hip hop, rap, drill, trap, and all other modern styles. You'll find an extensive collection of authentic chilling arps and sequences, each designed to set the mood and complement your own vocals or beats. And that's just the beginning: Also includedare fully playable bells, synths, pads, and textures to give your music an even more unique and captivating edge.

Whether you're an experienced hip hop producer or just starting out, this is the ultimate toolkit you can't afford to miss.

This expansion adds to your library:

  • 134 Avenger presets
  • 24 drumkits
  • 24 drum sequences
  • 13 granular samples
  • 124 multisamples
  • 21 osc-shapes
  • 10 wavetables
  • 14 multiloops/vocals

Attention: VPS Avenger version 1.8.6 minimum required!

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