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Historical Firearms - Construction Kit

Historical Firearms - Construction Kit

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Legacy Weapons - epic single bursts, volleys, reloads and more

The sound of historical battefields was loud and dominated by the explosive discharges of smoky muskets, carbines, cannons and revolvers. Historical Firearms brings you the exact sound of these old-fashioned weapons. Loud, deadly, uncompromising and from the times where no one even thought about things like silencers or ammo clips.

Historical Firearms Construction Kit

  • Applicable to any historical scenario - Your next project contains historical battlefields with thousands of infantry soldiers, some evil pistol-swinging pirates or fine gentlemen demanding “satisfaction” in an old-fashioned duel? With this library, you get all our Historical Firearms source recordings in high quality.

  • Amazing Weapon variety - Shots of muzzle-loaders, muskets, carbines, pistols, cannons, breechloaders, etc. In addition to that, you will also find great handling sounds. Choose between 17 different weapons that were recorded on two locations in a multi-channel setup with 12 tracks.

Included Sounds - Keywords

Rifles, muzzleloarder, breechloader, firearms, historical, guns, cannons, steel, revolvers, handling, trigger, flintlocks, cocking, sharps, gauge, calibre, volley, distant, close

2200+ ROYALTY-FREE SOUND FX • 350+ WAV FILES • 192kHz/24bit • 11.9GB

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