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Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra Bundle
release date: 27.10.2023

Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra Bundle


AAX Native, AU, Mac, VST2, VST3, Win

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Introducing the Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra, a groundbreaking ensemble designed to empower your fantasy film, television, and game soundtrack creation. Crafted by the renowned sound maestros Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, the Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra is a fusion of exceptional world instruments, each with a storied history in the biggest cinematic and gaming ventures, seamlessly integrated with contemporary octave-doubled orchestral sections that effortlessly complement the Hollywood Orchestra. This extraordinary amalgamation comes equipped with full stereo imaging mic placement and incorporates all the remarkable functionalities of EastWest's revolutionary Opus player.

When you embark on the quest to score the next grand fantasy epic or medieval saga, the addition of a few period solo instruments will not suffice. You are faced with the challenge of bridging the musical divide between orchestral and world instruments. Each instrument must earn its place within the composition to generate a colossal cinematic sonic experience. To meet this challenge, we have introduced a brand-new orchestra that unites all the essential period instruments on a single stage. The result is nothing short of remarkable, as it stands apart from anything you've ever encountered before.


  • Includes all 5 highly detailed Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra libraries (Strings, Brass, Winds, Percussion, Voices), perfect for fantasy film, television, and game soundtracks.

  • Includes the incredible Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator, which can be used to create full-scale orchestral music with complex arrangements by playing a few simple chords with one hand, while shaping expression with the other. Developed in collaboration with Sonuscore, Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator uses all the instruments in Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra to create real-time arrangements based on your MIDI input with our Innovative Scoring Engine.

  • Each library was recorded with 4 microphone positions: Close to capture instrument (ensemble) detail, Mid at the edge of the stage for definition, Main providing a big unified sound with a Decca tree + outriggers configuration, and Surround providing a deep, lush space at the back of the stage.

  • Use the Moods to find the right feel for your composition. Use the Soft mood for more intimate writing, the Classic mood for a traditional orchestral sound, and Epic for a big, cinematic sound. The color of the user interface indicates the currently selected mood.

  • Comes with innovative new features and a suite of powerful effects available in our revolutionary Opus software engine.

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Included Products

  • Hollywood Fantasy Strings is the first iteration of Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra, putting 5 of the most iconic instruments from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras at your fingertips alongside brand-new stylized recordings from modern-day orchestral musicians. It includes true legato, diverse articulations, everything you need to produce the perfect fantasy cue to the highest professional standards. We infused it with the same power and flexibility as Hollywood Strings, with the same microphone placements, in the exact same studio, tailor-made to mix perfectly, so you can rest assured that your string libraries are all up to the task.

  • Hollywood Fantasy Brass puts the grandeur of some of history’s most iconic brass instruments at your fingertips, complete with a broad articulation set and true legato for maximum realism and authenticity. Everything you’ve come to expect from our Hollywood series is here: multiple mic positions, custom effect chains, lush ambiences... but this time, with a collection of brass instruments used in some of the most famous fantasy scores in history. If you’ve tried to recreate the feel of your favorite scores countless times but something is still missing, the fix could be as simple as using the right instruments for the job. And as you’re about to hear, Hollywood Fantasy Brass will help get the job done every time.

  • Hollywood Fantasy Winds presents an array of ethereal, majestic woodwind instruments that transcend the modern orchestra, complete with true legato and a wide variety of articulations to command the realism and power you need in a cinematic ensemble of winds. With this collection, you can paint detailed images of Celtic highlands, sprawling mountain ranges, enchanted forests, and any other fantasy settings you can possibly imagine. These winds complete the core orchestral trinity with lyrical strings and brilliant brass, giving you the texture you need to complete a true melodic fantasy ensemble.

  • Hollywood Fantasy Percussion provides a full suite of thunderous, mystical struck and shaken instruments to complement even the most epic soundtracks. While they’re well-suited to most orchestral scores, they shine in combination with the rest of the Hollywood Fantasy palette. There’s no shortage of bombastic drum libraries available, but there’s never been a percussion library specifically designed for scoring epic fantasy soundtracks — so we created it ourselves.

  • There’s a world of difference between a trained singer and a vocalist who has perfected true cinematic fantasy singing — and with Hollywood Fantasy Voices in hand, you can finally bridge that gap in your scores. We meticulously built this collection from the ground up, with multiple microphone positions, portamento control, mood (Soft, Classic, and Epic) and more so you can command the mythic fantasy vocals you need for your newest epic soundtrack. This is the authority that Hollywood Fantasy Voices puts in your hands — the ability to, with only a few words, make the audience feel on instinct: “I’m far away from home.”

  • Create full-scale fantasy orchestra music with complex arrangements by playing a few simple chords with one hand, and shaping expression with the other. Developed in collaboration with Sonuscore, Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator utilizes all the instruments in the Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra series to create real-time arrangements based on your MIDI input using an innovative Scoring Engine.

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This library includes "Opus" as a Sample-Player.


  • macOS 10.13 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Quad-Core CPU (Octa-Core recommended)
  • 2,7 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 16GB (32GB or more recommended)
  • SSD hard drive (SATA or PCIe)


  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • ASIO sound driver
  • Quad-Core CPU (Octa-Core recommended)
  • 2,7 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 16GB (32GB or more recommended)
  • SSD hard drive (SATA or PCIe)
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