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Produce vocals from the future

Create stunningly robotic vocals from any singing performance. Humanoid is an over-the-top pitch corrector designed for instant hard-tuning and radical voice manipulation. With a brand new approach to vocal tuning and phase-vocoding, the plugin transforms singers of any style and ability into their best synthetic selves.

Vocal tuning on Steroids

If you want natural vocals, you’ve come to the wrong place. Humanoid is designed for extreme hard-tuning and takes the distinctive sound further into the future with a wide range of innovative voice manipulation features.

Push the boundaries of what modern vocals sound like, while captivating your audience with the smooth and crisp sound of Humanoid’s FFT-based re-tuning engine. Singing skills not required!

Feed your voice waveforms

Morph your vocals into synth waveforms to create unique timbres that merge human and machine qualities. At its most extreme, Humanoid will turn a voice fully into a synthesizer, while moderate settings will add a subtle electronic shine to the vocal mix. Choose from 64 factory wavetables - or import your own - for unbound sonic variation. Then use the shaping features to further sculpt the sound of your robot voice alter-ego.

Create harmonies from any vocal

As an alternative to instant hard-tuning, Humanoid’s pitch can be controlled manually via automation or MIDI. This allows you to use any vocal take as a seed for creating new, perfectly pitched, melodies, harmonies and chords. Turn a lead vocal into a symphony by layering it with re-pitched variations of itself or use Humanoid as a futuristic vocoder. The re-tuning engine handles note changes seamlessly, even across large ranges.

Advanced options and features

Humanoid lets you go as deep as you need to create your unique vocal sound. Click the ‘gear’ icons next to the knobs to unlock advanced calibration options and features. Tweaking is optional, however, and with 180 presets crafted by leading sound designers, you can produce professional-grade robotic vocals right out of the box. For good singers, Humanoid offers new timbres and variation. For bad singers, it offers a total make-over! Only your creativity sets the limit.

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  • macOS 10.11 or higher
  • Native Apple Silicon M1/M2


  • Windows 10 or higher
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