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Mastering & post production

ISL GUIISL is a transparent look-ahead limiter designed to allow you to get on with creative audio production while it takes care of True Peak compliance for you.

ISL uses the standardised True Peak algorithms of ITU-R B.S. 1770 and related standards (including Apple ‘afclip’ True Peak detection), and is suitable for the control of audio for post production, music mastering and broadcast applications. True Peak limiting can also be used to ensure that downstream codecs (mp3, AAC etc.) do not introduce distortion into the signal.

Pristine quality

No need to second guess your sample-peak limiter time and again, or deliberately increase headroom to avoid a downstream problem. Just dial in your True Peak limit and let ISL take care of the rest.

  • Broadcast compliant

  • Protect AAC, MP3 etc.

  • Master for online delivery

  • Surround capable

  • ITU-R B.S. 1770-4

  • Apple Afclip

  • Auto release

  • TPmax limit

ISL Inst 1Powerful processing

Unlike traditional limiters, ISL provides a TPlim control, automatically adjusting transfer curve parameters for minimal brick-wall protection.

Auto-release monitors incoming audio for low frequency content, dynamically adapting to prevent distortions & deliver transparency.

ISL Inst 2Innovative visualisations

With unique steering and ducking meters, ISL guides you to perfection. Whether you are preserving directional integrity or atmospheric ambience, ISL gives you the control you need to achieve your goals with ease. New processing enhancements assess the incoming audio for frequency content and automatically take care of those minor adjustments required when LF content drives the limiter.

ISL Inst 3For music production

Let ISL take care of your mastering for today's music delivery services (Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal etc.) The risk of distortion from down-stream codec conversion (mp3, AAC etc.) is eliminated with ISL on the master bus.

Mix and master with confidence that your audio will be delivered the way you intend, without downstream distortions introduced by inter-sample clip reconstruction errors.

ISL Inst 4For post and broadcast

World class limiting is an essential requirement for any broadcast production, and the latest standards demand True Peak compliance.

ISL delivers both, giving you superb sound with complete confidence when meeting True Peak delivery criteria.

With ITU-R B.S. 1170-4 compliance and a dedicated brick-wall TPlim setting, you can produce with confidence, leaving ISL to transparently take care of the compliance.

Typical applications

  • Mix and master for music streaming services

  • Produce broadcast compliant audio

  • Transparent end of chain limiting

  • Apple 'afclip' inter-sample monitoring

  • Protection for downstream data compression

  • Preserving quality for podcast material

  • Inter-sample clip management in hi-res files

  • Loudness compliance

  • Audio for video production

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  • macOS 10.7 or higher
  • RAM: 512 MB


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • RAM: 512 MB
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