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LUNA API Vision Console Pro Bundle
release date: 26.06.2024

LUNA API Vision Console Pro Bundle


AU, Mac, Standalone, VST3

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Bundle mit LUNA DAW und API Plugins

Transform the LUNA Recording System into API's flagship analog console

API analog consoles are at the heart of some of the best-sounding albums ever recorded. From Fleetwood Mac's Rumours to Radiohead's In Rainbows, API consoles add character, timbre and punch to everything that runs through them.

The API Vision Console Emulation Bundle transforms LUNA into a complete API console. Record in real time via API preamp and channel modules, then mix with API's glorious analog summing and bus compression - seamlessly switching between low-latency tracking with Apollo DSP and powerful native mixing in LUNA.

Please note that LUNA is only compatible with macOS. Windows is not supported.


  • Turn LUNA into API's flagship console Vision, with the world's first true end-to-end console emulation

  • Record in real time through complete circuit emulations of API's legendary L-Series Unison-enabled preamps, EQs, compressor, gate and filters

  • Preserve the "Big Console" sound with all the rich analog character, rich non-linearities and transient clipping

  • Design tracks with API channel strips in LUNA without having to manage multiple plugin windows

  • Sum individual channel busses or your entire mix using API's hybrid voltage/current summing circuits

  • Add cohesion and sonic character to busses and the master with the 2500 Bus Compressor inline API


A proper API console, directly on your desktop

Integrated into the structure of the LUNA mixer, the API Vision Console Emulation is the first of its kind. These LUNA extensions are a complete, end-to-end emulation that lets you add rich API sound to your LUNA sessions - without the hassle of plugin windows. You can quickly "brush" API Vision Console channel strips over your entire mix - and model your sound sources with API's classic L-Series channel modules.

Everything you need to record and mix

Each channel strip in the API Vision Console Emulation gives you access to six of API's legendary L-Series modules. From the punch and presence of the 212L preamp, to the colorful 225L compressor and musical 235L gate/expander, to the powerful sound shaping of the 550L/560L EQs and the tunable 215L Hi and Lo pass filters, you can work with rich API sound - in real time.

Get rich harmonics with API Analog Summing

When audio sources flow through an API console - specifically the 2520 op amps and custom output transformers - natural analog nonlinearities interact to create musical overtones and transient clipping. API Vision Console Emulation masterfully captures all of the Vision Console's hybrid voltage/current summing circuitry, adding punch, depth and character to your summed signals for a centered, lively mix.

Classic in-line API console compression

The "in-line" version of the Vision Console's API 2500 Bus Compressor gives your busses and master fader the analog cohesion and mid-forward attitude that made API famous. Easily apply this fanatically detailed emulation - including the powerful Thrust knob - to drum busses, synthesizers and more for an authentic, unmistakable API punch.

The first of its kind

From the input stage to bus summing to the master fader, there has never been a digital workflow that emulates the experience of a large format analog console as thoroughly as API Vision Console Emulation. You can now use the same inspired workflow used on countless hits, complete with the cohesion, character and color of a classic API console.

Beyond LUNA...

The API Vision Console Emulation Bundle also includes UAD plug-ins for the API Preamp, Vision Channel Strip Collection and API 2500 Bus Compressor, allowing you to track and mix in real time with Apollo and your favorite DAW.

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  • macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher
  • Intel Quad-Core i7 or Apple Silicon processor
  • SSD storage recommended


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