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A high precision mastering tool

MagicEQ is a high precision mastering tool which performs an automatic equalization of music mixes.

Magic EQ is based on a equalization concept that can be summed up by 4 words: Statistically, Adaptive, Automatic, Equalization. In other words, it automatically equalizes your songs.

This product can be purchased individually or as part of a bundle, such as the Duy Essentials Bundle.


To use Duy MagicEQ, all you have to do is insert the plug-in, play your music and click on the "LEARN" button. Your music will analyzed during this initial step and will result in an auto-equalization. You can still modify many parameters after the EQ'ing has magically taken place. This is no standard EQ. Once MagicEQ has run through the song and analyzed it, all that's left to do is to tweak, finess the equalization and then MagicEQ will do the rest.

MagicEQ will not take decisions on behalf of the engineer, but it will certainly do the "dirty work" of having to move thousands of faders up and down. MagicEQ frees the engineer from the repetitive challenges present in traditional mixing and mastering, such as : the lack of precision and errors, inconsistencies, monitoring, room non-linearities, acoustic resonances, certain equipment’s undesired effects, differences in the sound levels, human hearing fatigue.

If a mix is already very good, MagicEQ will make it sound even better. But if the mix has any deficiencies, MagicEQ will thin them out and will correct them automatically.

Product Features

  • High resolution 2048 band automatic equalization

  • 5 band smooth equalizer provides smooth tonal balance

  • 4 band statistically calculated equalizer for adding presence

  • Ideal for mastering

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  • macOS 10.7 or higher
  • AU, AAX, VST and VST3
  • ProTools 12 and 64-bit systems are supported
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