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Versatile color tool - Tape Warmer

Analog is unpredictable; it does unexpected things to the bass frequencies. You exert a lot of effort to perfect the bass, but when you play it back on an analog tape machine, you’re left wondering, ‘What happened there?’ The storage medium seems to make decisions about what the bass should sound like. The Magnetic plug-in has most of these “analog” nuances available at your fingertips.

  • MAGNETIC is a versatile color tool designed to add character and vibe to your tracks. Inspired by some of the most renowned tape machines, MAGNETIC transcends traditional boundaries, offering a wide array of nuances with just a few clicks.

  • MAGNETIC boasts a streamlined interface, featuring essential controls—such as Ten Tape Models, Tone Control, Tape Compression & Saturation, and Wow & Flutter—with straightforward adjustments. This design ensures a rapid and efficient user experience.

Whether seeking a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, MAGNETIC can serve as the "final touch" or the "massive touch" on your stems, master, or instruments, consistently delivering a richer, deeper, and fuller sound. Beneath its simple exterior and improved circuitry, MAGNETIC has evolved into a highly complex tool, now fully capable of replicating the authentic feeling and analog harmonics of real tape machines.

Product Features

  • Tape Models: Choose from ten distinct tape models to match your sonic needs.

  • Tone Control: Precise tone adjustments to craft your perfect sound.

  • Tape Compression & Saturation: Add warmth and analog character.

  • Wow & Flutter: Introduce vintage imperfections for that classic feel.

  • Streamlined Interface: Simple, efficient controls for a quick and user-friendly experience.

  • Enhanced DSP: Optimized digital signal processing for superior performance.

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  • macOS 10.9 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Intel processor or Apple Silicon


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Intel or AMD processor
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