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Memories Ahead: Mimic ReFill
release date: 26.04.2023

Memories Ahead: Mimic ReFill


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Creative Sampler 

All patches for Reason were created using analog & FM synthesis, resynthesis, spectral modelling, additive and granular synthesis. You will find many evolving delicate interacting sound textures that will fit well into many music styles. Some of the synths featured include Korg Wavestate & OpSix, Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak, E-mu Systems Morpheus, PPG Wave.


  • 62 Multi-Sample Presets
  • 134 Original Individual Samples
  • Mod Wheel and Velocity mapped for every preset
  • 24-bit 48 kHz uncompressed PCM wav samples
  • Size: 112 MB Installed

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