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MGuitar Architect
release date: 19.09.2023

MGuitar Architect

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AAX Native, AU, Mac, VST2, VST3, Win

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Guitar Chain Simulator

MGuitarArchitect is the guitar chain simulator with so many configurations that you’ll never get tired of trying it out. It has everything you’ll ever need for sculpting a professional guitar sound bundled into one plugin. It’s full of effects of all kinds, from amps and cabinets to EQs, compressors, and space processors. All the features are easily accessible and can be added and reordered without any hassle. And there’s a vast assortment of presets to give you amazing results with just one click.

MGuitar Gui

Who is it for?

MGuitarArchitect was created with guitarists of all styles in mind. Some of the effects are organized by genre, so you can quickly reach for a country-, metal-, or even experimental-style processor. Melda know that there are so many artists who choose to record guitar or bass using direct inputs rather than amps. This plugin gives you the creative tools needed to sculpt a dry sound into exactly what you want. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it on tracks recorded using amps. MGuitarArchitect has all the effects you’ll need to heighten your mixing process, regardless of how the signal was recorded.

Chain Section

MGuitarArchitect’s input interface has three fully-customizable chains with 16 spaces each, as well as a fourth for sidechaining. This means you can run up to 64 effects in order or in parallel across the four different groups. When you click on one of the free spaces, you get the option to choose between guitar, stomps, studio, and utility effects. They are all laid out by category, so you have quick access to whatever sound you want.

The Library

There are 40 amp, 13 cabinet, and 26 stompbox simulators included in MGuitarArchitect, as well as ten studio-style processors and eight utility processors. They are all fully customizable, so you can carefully control the gain, tone, and filtering of your guitar signal, as well as make any necessary changes to each effect’s individual parameters. This means you have an almost infinite amount of options for finding your optimal sounds.

MTurboAmp & MCabinet

Well spotted! MGuitarArchitect contains all MTurboAmp and MCabinet devices. Therefore the users who already own any of the named above can upgrade to MGuitarArchitect at a significantly better price. 

FX Interface

There are hundreds of effects to choose from, and they’re all laid out by category and by name. Once you select one, there will be an interactive interface that you can manipulate for the best results. You get full control over all the parameters on each amp, cabinet, stompbox, or any other effect you choose. Each one also comes with varied presets for quick customization. You can even save your own presets for each effect or even each chain.

Studio FX

Unlike the competition, MGuitarArchitect offers you to use any MeldaProduction effect you own at any point of your guitar tone chain. Any EQ, compressor, modulation effect, you name it. Just check the portfolio.

Impulse Responses?

One of the most exciting plugins is included in MGuitarArchitect. MConvolutionEZ is an effect that uses impulse responses to give your signal amazing reverb and microphone processing. There are countless reverb samples, from plates and rooms to churches and halls. It also has responses from microphones that are classically used on guitar cabinets: Shure Beta52, Sennheiser e609, and the AKG C3000, among others. And they all come with volume and filtering options, so you can tweak them to satisfy your needs.



  • macOS 10.14 - macOS 12 Monterey
  • 64 bit
  • Intel-processor with SSE 2 support or Apple Silicon


  • Windows Windows 8 / 10 / 11
  • 64 bit
  • Intel- oder AMD-processor with SSE 2 support 
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