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PSP MixPack 2 - improve your sound and fix issues

MixPack2 is a collection of six high-resolution, high quality audio processors designed to improve the quality of your digital audio tracks and mixes.

These processors were not modeled on specific hardware analog processors, but rather on the sound and features of many analog circuits, with the goal of designing processors that can assist you in taming the sterility and harshness that often plagues digitally recorded audio.

Mixpack GUI 1PSP MixBass2

  • low frequency processor

  • achieve punchy, analog bass sounds

  • enhance the low end of any audio material

  • low-frequency compression and harmonics generator

Mixpack GUI 2PSP MixTreble2

  • Hiss remover

  • decrease tape noise or undesired reverberations

  • Stereo enhancer - increases the spatiality

  • Transient enhancer - stimulate flattened transients

  • Harmonics generator - widen the frequency range

Mixpack GUI 3PSP MixPressor2

  • a wide range of soft knee characteristics

  • either peak or RMS level detection

  • external or internal side chain signal

  • with a smooth bell-type filter

  • brick wall limiter

  • soft saturation algorithm to preserve peaks above 0dBFS

Mixpack GUI 4PSP MixSaturator2

  • add low frequency harmonics

  • increase nonlinearities (known as "low frequency bump") typical of analog tape recordings

  • treble frequency processor

  • simulates tape saturation

  • overall saturation simulation algorithm

  • choose between 7 modes of valve, tape and clipping

Mixpack GUI 5PSP MixGate2

  • precision noise gate

  • fast enough for special effects ("stuttering")

  • gate unwanted noise + high and low pass filters

  • ensure that only desired frequencies trigger the gate

Mixpack GUI 6PSP MixSync2

  • multi microphone recording time alignment,

  • manual latency compensation

  • fix other time and phase related issues





  • macOS 10.8 or higher
  • Intel processor


  • Windows 7-10

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