release date: 18.07.2023


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AAX Native, AU, Mac, VST3, Win

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Creative re-Synthesizer plugin for modern audio production

  • Versatile re-synthesizer for audio inputs
  • Adjustable harmonics
  • Dynamic range controls
  • Real-time audio visualizer
  • Resizable graphical interface

Re-synthesize your audio using its DNA and switch between subtle adjustments and aggressive reconstruction. By adjusting the harmonics, MIYA transforms the original input into a variety of permutations, from delicate textures to harsh distortion and even huge sub-harmonics. By shaping your sounds like a synthesizer, you may make them stand out in the mix.

A completely different approach to distortion.

Even though Dear Reality specializes in spatial audio technology, they also burn for interesting audio algorithms outside of their immersive focus. A perfect example of this is MIYA.

MIYA is a wavelet distortion plugin. Unlike ordinary distortion effects, this plugin processes the original signal by detecting the zero-crosses and replaces the intervals between them with additively synthesized waveforms. In other words, the plugin replaces the original with a new audio signal by keeping just one aspect of the incoming sound (i.e., the zero-cross intervals). This process creates a unique digital distortion, in which the listener can recognize both the original's footprints and the synthesized sound's sonority.


Main Features

Graphic visualizer - MIYA provides immediate visual feedback over your sound using four different colors.
The orange vertical line indicates the detected zero-crosses, while the grey line shows the original incoming signal. The blue line plots the generated signal, and the green line visualizes the output from the plugin, which consists of a mix of wet and dry signals.

  • Audio analyzer - Adjust with Skip the length of the wavelets and skip zero crosses - the longer the wavelet, the lower the synthesized tone. Use Minimum Length to create unique resonances by discarding the detected zero crossings based on the set time in microseconds.

  • Harmonics - Use the sliders to precisely set the harmonics and sub-harmonics within the additively synthesized signal that lets your sounds stand out. MIYA offers you a variety of harmonics ranging from 1st up to 5th. Adjust with Duty Cycle the length of the wavelet in time.

  • Dynamics & filter - Use MIYA's internal gate to eliminate quieter sounds (e.g., background noise) or emphasize the original signal's rhythmic aspects. Furthermore, MIYA enables you to boost the signal generated by the additive synthesizer based on the amplitude of the initially detected wavelet using the Boost parameter. Use the low- and high-pass filters to adjust the frequency range of the generated signal.

  • Output - MIYA lets you adjust the dry and wet signal ratio to blend the input signal with your newly generated signal. Using the output level, you can adjust the overall level of your output signal.



  • macOS 10.12 or higher
  • Intel or Apple Silicon


  • Windows 10 - 11
  • Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 instruction set (minimum 2 GHz recommended)


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