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Mongolian Voices - Ancient Phrases
release date: 09.03.2023

Mongolian Voices - Ancient Phrases

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The Spiritual Sounds Of The Voice

Use these enigmatic voices from the afterlife to summon the ancient magic. These unearthly calls will take you to weird and uncharted territory while luring your primal inner self to let creative compositions flow without any restraints.

Sonuscore drew on the shamanic tones of conventional Mongolian singing for the Mongolian Voices - Ancient Phrases collection. The library explores the more ethereal locations of vocalizations and is divided into three sections: Female, Male, and Throat. The Male and Female parts are based on the traditional long song, or Urtiin duu, a most ancient art that is loudly sung from mountaintops, with each long, drawn-out syllable conjuring the deep, huge, open spaces of the Mongolian steppe.

The Mongol Khoomei is yet another well-known form of throat singing that uses circular breathing and guttural vibrations to produce an uncanny, otherworldly sound. When you first hear it, it conjures up images of far-off sci-fi or fantasy realms or prehistoric cults.

Mongolian Voices - Ancient Phrases is the perfect vocal instrument to add a raw, esoteric flavor to your music.


  • 621 different live-recorded phrases in 17 themes

  • 51 samples per Theme

  • Unique singing compatible with most modes

  • 3 Categories: Female, Male, and Male Throat

  • Mystical and profound sound

  • All controls fully MIDI map-able

Clean and Intuitive Interface

Drawing from the same spirit as our Lyrical and Ethnic Phrases series, Mongolian Voices - Ancient Phrases delves into a world of mysticism and profundity. The unique style of the vocals do not fit neatly into Western musical theory, especially the throat singing. They are technically in a major key, but don’t feel this way and can work with most other modes.

The interface gives you your choice of phrases, while an FX page offers you full control over the EQ. Use the added delay to draw out unexpected complexities and reverb to bring out the full sense of vastness commonly felt with these traditional vocalizations

Live Recorded Phrases

Mongolian vocals, especially throat singing, are famous world-wide for creating mystical atmospheres that transport listeners into illusory places and far-off worlds. Using a positional array of high-quality Neumann M149, U87, and KM184 mics, as well as a Sennheiser MD421, to capture the finest details of these vocalists’ timbres, we’ve prepared for you a professional mix that cannot be compared.

Male. Female, and Throat

The phrases are divided into three categories: Male, Female, and Male Throat. The Male and Female categories are composed of Urtiin duu singing. Translated as “long song”, this 2,000-year-old form of singing takes an honored place in Mongolian society and is often sung at festivals and events. The singing evokes vast, wide-open spaces and transcends time.

The Male Throat category is for the mystical guttural voice that involves circular breathing and can produce resonant harmonies through 2 or 3 notes sung at the same time. A skill of voice that few in the world possess.

FX Page

Mongolian Voices - Ancient Phrases includes modern tools such as built-in EQ, delay, and reverb. Get instant access to the most essential features, as well as the freedom to dive deeper to perfectly shape your sound.

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film and original world music anybody doing the same great quality


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