Musio 1
release date: 20.10.2023

Musio 1

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Modern virtual instrument plugin that captures the full Cinesamples legacy

Musio 1 is an innovative and streamlined virtual instrument plugin, boasting an extensive instrument library that not only preserves the rich 16-year Cinesamples heritage but also adds more. With Musio 1, you have continuous access to over 1,500 instruments spanning symphonic, cinematic, contemporary, electronic, and world music genres. These instruments are organized into more than 70 diverse collections, making it a versatile solution for any project or musical genre. Furthermore, you will receive all future enhancements and instrument updates at no additional cost, ensuring a lifetime of value.

The Catalog

Musio 1 features collections developed from EVERY Cinesamples title and dozens of exclusives for screen-ready scores and beyond. We capture Musio instruments in renowned scoring stages, studios, and acclaimed venues worldwide to deliver best-in-class libraries for professional productions.

The Plugin

Refine your performances with intuitive controls and effects custom fit to each instrument. With a new drag-and-drop keyswitching system, you can quickly set up a template to change articulations in real time for your most expressive performances ever.

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The Experience

Skip the massive, multi-hour sample library installations and install only the individual sounds and articulations you need. The Musio plugin loads installed instruments instantaneously, so forget about the dreaded startup downtime. Looking for the perfect sound for your project? Preview any instrument without downloading a single sample. Musio 1 is the cure for the common collaboration. When you send a DAW file containing Musio to your co-creator, it’ll automatically load installed instruments and install any missing ones. Build, save, and share ensemble presets for instant recall on any system.

Get Musio 1 and create with infinite inspiration!



  • macOS 10.7 or higher 
  • 32 bit & 64 bit


  • Windows 7 or higher 
  • 32 bit & 64 bit


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