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NADA - Meditation Sounds

Nada is the primal sound or the first vibration out of which the whole creation has sprung.

“After a whole life, having gone through many musical styles, one has always been in my heart. Because, deep inside me, it is a significant part of my soul and my essence from which I cannot let go: New Age Music - to which I owe it all; what I am and what I feel. I went from Ethnic, Folk, Antique to Soundtrack music, and every single note I composed or sampled was imbued with it in some way. Sometimes I thought it had left, never to return, but it was always there, dormant and feeding from those new styles and, at the same time, providing them with all its spirit. Now it has returned, more beautiful than ever. NADA is a spiritual voyage through the deepest sounds of my soul” - Eduardo Tarilonte

Welcome to NADA, Meditation & New Age Sounds by Eduardo Tarilonte

NADA is a fascinating collection of sounds for Meditation, New Age, and Relaxation Music. In NADA you will find inspiring instruments such as Strings, Winds, Percussions, Pianos, Eternal Sounding Bowls, Glasses and Bells. NADA also offers mesmerizing overtone Singing Voices and an alluring and charming Female Solo Voice as well as deep, peaceful, and warm Meditations Pads.


NADA Instruments BannerNADA offers more than 500 sounds built from over 10,000 samples. The library contains a vast collection of instruments perfectly suited for meditation and new age music. All instruments have been sampled keeping simplicity and usability in mind. At the same time the raw and authentic beauty of the instruments, recorded with true legato, endless loop and control capabilities from samplers, make for an inspiring source of sounds.


  • Theremin: The theremin is an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact. It has a haunting and eerie but beautiful sound.


  • Plucked: Eastern Harp Ensemble, Japanese Koto and Indian Tanpura Drones

  • Bowed: Ethnic Violin, Classical Violin and Viola da Gamba


  • Bamboo Flute, Indian Low Bansuri, Concert Alto Flute, Concert Flute, Cornett, Chinese Dizi, Duduk, Eastern Double Reed, English Flagelote High, English Flagelote Low, Chinese Hulusi, Panpipes, Shakuhachi, Small Wooden Flute and Wooden Flute.

Some of these instruments like Bansuri, Dizi, Hulusi, and Shakuhachi, have up to 11 phrases available per note that can be blended with the sustained note with the Ornaments slider.


  • Pitched: Steel Tongue Drum, Balafon, Crotales, Crystal Singing Bowls, Dream Bells, Glasses, Kalimba, Music Box, Meditation Bells, Meditation Crystal Bowls, Meditation Tibetan Bowls, Temple Bells, Tibetan Bells, Tibetan Singing Bowls.

  • Unpitched: Cymbal, Ghatam, Planet Gong, Hand Sleigh Bell, Metal Plate, Rainstick, Tabla (Baya and Daya), Tibetan Finger Bells and Wind Chimes


NADA contains different piano sounds. From digital and dreamy pianos to a beautiful upright piano called White Piano.

  • Digital Piano: Digital piano sounds from different sources to create soft, dreamy and gentle atmospheres.

  • White Piano: An upright piano with a beautiful tone. Recorded with close microphones to get an intimate feeling and a dreamy new age touch with the built in reverb.


NADA Voices Banner

NADA contains several voice sounds divided in two categories: Real and Synth. Real Voices include male overtone singing voices and a beautiful ethereal female solo voice. Synth voices inlclude different synthesized voices, from solo to choir.

Real Voices

  • Overtone Singing, featuring Moisés Pérez y Joaquín Manjón from Muom: Overtone singing is an ancient practice. This technique produces two or more vocal sounds at the same time. The second flute-like tone, sounds about two octaves above the normal voice.

  • Voice of Silence, featuring Ana Duble: Alluring and charming ethereal female voice with true legato and around 300 phrases in different pitches.

Synth Voices

  • Crystal Voices: Alluring and fascinating ethereal female synth voice with 5 vowels.

  • Meditation Choir: Soft and peaceful choral synth voices with 5 vowels and closed mouth.

  • Sacred Choir: Mystical choral synth voices with 5 vowels and closed mouth. Separated in male and female sections.

  • Voices of Eternity: Grand and deep yet ethereal synth voices.

  • Voices of Light: Clear and deep ethereal synth voices.

NADA Meditation Pads Banner

The instrument collection is complemented by delicate Ambient Soundscapes, to create deep and reassuring atmospheres using complex sound textures. These textures consist of several elements which can be adjusted in level and panning to your liking in the mixer page of the Engine. In total NADA offers 24 categories of Ambient Soundscapes featuring 265 pads in various subcategories.

The Recordings

NADA is fully compatible with other libraries by Eduardo Tarilonte since it has been recorded by Jorge Calderón Muriel in the Eldana Studio in Spain, using highest quality equipment such as the Kahayan 4K7 microphone and 12K72 preamp. The instruments have been close mic’ed in order to capture all details and to provide a direct sound experience which can be flexibly edited and shaped in all directions by external tools.

Works with Engine Version or higher

Kitaro Testimonial


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Flag FR spaceKR Home-Studio 07/08 - 2020

KR Magazine Logo Banner

"Nada s'avère parfaite pour composer simplement des musiques méditatives et envoûtantes. Du côté des souhaits, on aurait aimé que certains instruments proposent plus de variations ou soient plus finement échantillonnés afin de créer des micro-nuances en jouant sur le timbre et l'interprétation ... Mais rien n'empêche d'utiliser Nada pour poser une base musicale sur laquelle on jouera un "véritable" instrument avec toute sa complexité et sa subtilité. Quelle que soit l'approche retenue, une chose est certaine: Nada ouvre de nouvelles perspectives aux musiciens en quête du son originel et de la vibration première."

Flag EN spaceComputer Music 07/2020

Computer Music Logo Banner

NADA is not a cheap package, and one which is, by design, targeted at a specific genre and end user. However, its finesse is truly impressive and we think the sound set will also appeal to anyone who regularly uses evolving textures and atmospheric ethnic sounds.

What’s more, the instruments in NADA Meditation Sounds are just so ‘playable’; they invite you to get stuck in and start creating, and we think that’s the best praise that can be bestowed upon any software instrument.

MusicRadar verdict: We really like this package. It hits the mark sonically, offers plenty of variety and is great fun to use.

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Flag DE spaceBeat 05/2020

Beat Logo Banner

Nada ist eine fabelhafte Bereicherung für Produzenten, die sich auf meditative Musik spezialisiert haben und sich eine Basisausstattung an musikalisch gut einsetzbaren Klängen wünschen. Für einen fairen Preis bekommt man eine umfangreiche Sammlung, die so einige Perlen enthält. Angesichts dieser exzellenten Sounds fällt es eigentlich ziemlich leicht, diesem Produkt eine volle Punktzahl zu vergeben. Allerdings sollte man sich darüber im Klaren sein, dass einige Instrumente und Gesänge bereits in früheren Produkten von Eduardo Tarilonte erschienen sind. Am meisten profitieren also Interessenten, die noch keine Library von Tarilonte haben und sich rhythmisch nicht durch Groove-Vorlagen inspirieren lassen möchten.

New Age wird mit Nada zum Genuss. Unser Glückwunsch zu einem Produkt mit magischen Klängen.

Matthias Sauer

Flag EN spaceSound On Sound 05/2020

 SOS 5 stars lg

While NADA might not be a toolkit that every composer feels compelled to have within their virtual instrument arsenal, as a sonic palette for the creation of New Age or mediation music, it is both a joy to explore and can be completely self-contained. This has undoubtedly been a labour of love for Eduardo Tarilonte, and the passion shines throughout. It might be niche, but it is absolutely top-quality niche.

Full NADA review at SoundOnSound


Flag DE spaceMegasynth 03/2020

Megasynth Logo Banner

NADA besticht durch eine geschickt zusammengestellte Auswahl an Sounds und Instrumenten, die man im Genre New Age, Meditation im weitesten Sinne benötigt. Damit ist die Zielgruppe auch schon gut umrissen, wozu wie immer auch die Film- und Videokomponisten gehören.

Die Sammlung an Klangfarben und Instrumenten ist umfangreich und stilsicher zusammengetragen worden. Ein Lob auch an den Kurator. Die Bandbreite ist hoch, der Bogen spant sich vom Overtone-Gesang über Klangschalen, Tablas bis hin zum Piano. Das machte diese Auswahl so attraktiv. Kritiker könnten argumentieren, dass man manche Sounds auch in anderen Libraries finden kann. Mag sein, aber hier hat man aber alles zusammen in einem Paket, muss nicht lange suchen und kommt zu einem schnelleren Ergebnis.

Und – ganz entscheidend – alle Presets sind klanglich und ästhetisch aus einem Guss produziert und passen daher optimal zusammen. Da muss man eigentlich gar nicht mehr viel schrauben. Eine tolle Library für eine bestimmte Zielegruppe, ein tolles Klangerlebnis. Und das alles zu einem Preis von 199 Euro. Da gibt es nichts zu meckern.

Vollständiger NADA Test bei Megasynth

Flag EN spaceSoundBytes 03/2020

SoundBytes Logo Banner

This is a specialized, niche library and as such it really hits the target. I don’t know many other similar libraries, but this one brings exactly those sort of sounds and instruments that are ideal for the task. All included instruments are up to the usual Eduardo standard, so you don’t need to do any further tweaking. They are all plug and play.

A very playable library that will not leave you short when you start working on your new age, meditation music. Actually, it’s quite rare that you can work on any song in any genre using just one sample based instrument. Nada, however, offers exactly that – from background sounds to the front line. Everything is there. Nice job Eduardo – again!

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Flag EN 03/2020

Music Tech Logo Banner

The Nada library contains more than 440 brilliantly named patches, organised hierarchically in sensible groups and sub-groups. They’re built from a collection of more than 9,000 samples of acoustic and synthesised instruments, and were recorded at the same studio and with the same high-end mics and preamps as Tarilonte’s other libraries – as a result, Nada blends wonderfully well with them.

Some sample libraries are generic in nature, boasting sounds fit for a variety of styles and contexts. Others are single-minded in their focus on a particular purpose. Nada is the latter. If you’re in the business of producing banging beats and room-shaking bass, Nada isn’t necessarily for you (though some of its sounds would service a breakdown brilliantly). If you like to explore less frenetic and more thoughtful music, however, you’d be hard-pushed to find something better than Nada.

Key features:

  • Rich, evolving new-age pads, instruments and voices
  • More than 440 sounds
  • High-quality instrument recordings
  • Built from more than 9,000 samples
  • Quick Edit mode exposes sounds’ most important parameters
  • Pro Edit mode provides greater depth
  • Integrates with other Eduardo Tarilonte libraries

Full NADA Review at

Flag DE spaceAmazona 03/2020

Amazona Logo Banner

Wer musikalisch auf der Meditationsschiene oder in Richtung New Age unterwegs ist, findet in Eduardo Tarilontes Best Service NADA einen versierten Begleiter, der alle dafür benötigten Sounds in größtenteils hervorragender Qualität im Gepäck hat – ein echtes Rundum-Sorglos-Paket also. Dass dabei der eine oder andere Sound auch in einer der vielen anderen Tarilonte-Librarys vorkommen mag, ist nicht unwahrscheinlich; da ich selber nur einige wenige habe, kann ich das jetzt nicht einzeln überprüfen. Auch gibt es innerhalb dieser Library hier und da Überschneidungen und Ähnlichkeiten, was bei der Masse an Klängen aber wohl unvermeidbar ist. Trotzdem macht man mit dieser geballten, sehr stilsicheren  Sammlung aber nichts verkehrt. Die mit einem skalierbaren GUI noch ein wenig besser, weil nutzerfreundlicher geworden wäre, aber die Optiker wollen ja auch leben. So steht am Ende eine klare Kaufempfehlung; mit einer Library von Tarilonte kann man grundsätzlich ohnehin nichts verkehrt machen.


  • umfassendes Klangangebot aller relevanten Sounds
  • sehr homogene Library
  • bequeme Zugriffsmöglichkeiten auf den Klang über das NADA GUI
  • sehr einheitlich produziert
  • teilweise auch sehr exotische, aber immer brauchbare Klänge
  • professionelle, gute Vokalstimmen

Kompletter NADA Test bei

Flag EN spaceSample Sound Review 03/2020

Sample Sound Review Logo Banner

Nada is expansive, unique, and authentic. It delivers a gorgeous experience and covers every tool you would need to compose a soul-stirring, thought-provoking piece of music.

If you'd like to embark on a journey of enlightenment and add some tranquility to your productions, Nada is a treasure trove of grandeur.
Written by Steve Montgomery for Sample Sound Review

5 out of 5 Stars !

FUll NADA review at Sample Sound Review

Flag EN spaceFox Audio 02/2020 video review

Flag EN spaceStrongMocha 02/2020

StrongMocha Logo Banner

Rating:  Five Out of Five Stars

NADA has to offer so many useful contents that it is quite simply blown my mind away. Eduardo Tarilonte is a master at his own high class who is able to produce a comprehensive and intensely profound relationship to the appreciation of music and sound and inject it into a virtual instrument. This library is a tribute to the music Eduardo has always loved.

Best Services NADA is an excellent sounding and stylish collection of instruments that covers a comprehensive sound collection that is required for producing relaxation music. NADA is highly recommended to producers and musicians who are looking for sounds to write a track that drifts into the stream of flow.

Full NADA review at Strongmocha

Flag DE spaceBonedo 02/2020

Bonedo Logo Banner

Best Services NADA ist eine hervorragend klingende und stilsichere Instrumentensammlung zur Produktion von ambientlastigen Genres wie New Age und Entspannungsmusik. Besitzer bisheriger Libraries von Eduardo Tarilonte sollten ggf. überprüfen, inwieweit NADA das vorhandene Repertoire eventuell bereits abdeckt. Allen anderen Produzenten und Musikern, die auf der Suche nach Sounds der genannten Musikrichtungen sind, kann NADA aber uneingeschränkt empfohlen werden  

Ganzer NADA Testbericht bein


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25.05.2024 Language: englisch

Very Good!

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24.05.2024 Language: englisch


5.0 of 5  
24.05.2024 Language: englisch



Choice Award

SLR Best Of 2020

SOS 5 stars

Computer Music

Strong Mocha

SSR 5 stars

Megasynth 5 stars


Kitaro Kitarō
Grammy Award Winning Artist, Composer, Record Producer, and Arranger

"Eduardo Tarilonte´s NADA takes me to my deep inside spirit and sparks my creativity, expanding it with unlimited imagination."

Michel HuygenMichel Huygen
Founding Member of Neuronium, Released more than 40 Albums plus several albums in collaboration with renowned Artists.

"NADA is breath-taking for two reasons: first, it feels like NADA was made just for me and my world of music, and second the unlimited dreamy possibilities of manipulating sounds in NADA. If you are a passionate creator of cosmic, ethereal and dreamy music, like me, do not hesitate: NADA is absolutely for you too! A MUST in your first class collection of sounds... by Eduardo Tarilonte!"

David ArkenstoneDavid Arkenstone
With 4 Grammy nominations, 20 Billboard hits, and millions of fans worldwide, has established himself as one of the best contemporary instrumental musicians of our time.

"With NADA, Eduardo gives us a new world of sonic dreams and possibilities. He has now put at our fingertips lush, evocative sounds and textures similar to what took me days to create on my early recordings. I can easily visualize doing a project using nothing but the sounds in this library!"


Engine poweredBest Service ENGINE 2 Sample Player is included with this product!


  • macOS 10.14 - macOS 14
  • 64 bit
  • Apple Silicon (support via Rosetta 2)
  • Intel Mac
  • 2GHz
  • RAM: 2GB


  • Windows 8-11
  • 32 bit & 64 bit
  • Intel Core processor
  • 2GHz
  • RAM: 2GB 

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