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Nectar 4 Advanced: Upgrade
release date: 06.09.2023

Nectar 4 Advanced: Upgrade

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AAX Native, AU, Mac, VST3, Win

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Nectar 4 Advanced Header

*Upgrade from Nectar 3, Music Production Suite 4 or 5, KOMPLETE 13 or 14

Achieve consistent and well-balanced vocals with the Auto-Level Module, easily create vocal layers with the Voices Module, add artificial background singers with the Backer Module, and make impactful edits through Vocal Assistant’s intuitive interface. Plus, dive into a suite of powerful plugins for complete control over your vocal sound. Take your vocal productions to the next level with Nectar 4 Advanced.

What’s new in iZotope Nectar 4 Advanced?

  • Audiolens referencing - Reference any voice: Audiolens is compatible with Nectar 4 Advanced, allowing you to tone-match any vocal sound. Separate the vocal from your reference track and gain valuable information to create a starting point for your mix.

  • Voices Module - In sweet harmony: Instant, easy vocal layers: the Voices Module gives you the ability to create complicated layers for your vocal production without needing to learn voice-leading and harmonic motion. Find a preset similar to your desired sound, then tweak it to your liking.

  • Auto-Level Module - Instantly consistent vocals: ALM (Auto Level Module) is an intelligent and transparent alternative to compressors. Placed at the start of your signal chain, it acts like a recording engineer, effortlessly managing vocal levels. ALM's Tame Noise feature distinguishes between sung and unsung vocal content, ensuring only tonal elements are leveled. This gets rid of the need for manual volume automation, saving you time and effort. ALM provides consistent volume levels without introducing unwanted artifacts like traditional compressors, giving you a clean and natural sound.

  • 13 component plugins- Build your own chain: Nectar Advanced comes with a powerful suite of brand-new plugins. Integrate the power of Nectar into your DAW template and build your own custom chains for every vocal in your production.

  • Backer Module - Who’s backing you today? With the AI powered Backer Module, you can now create artificial background singers that sit behind your main vocal. Pick from eight different styles or import your own acapella to further customize your sound. Finish up a demo with different flavors of vocalists, creatively destroy ad-lib tracks, or create something new altogether. *Only trained on with English speaking languages

  • Vocal Assistant - Help is here: Vocal Assistant now provides a broad interface for making simple and helpful decisions for your vocal production without getting lost in the details of vocal mixing.

Nectar 4 Advanced GUI

Key Features:

  • Vocal Assistant: Instantly create custom presets using machine learning technology to optimize your vocal's fit in the mix.
  • Improved Unmask: Easily prioritize your vocal by reducing competing mix elements directly from the Vocal Assistant's menu screen.
  • Dynamic EQ with Follow EQ Mode: Real-time tracking and removal of troublesome resonances, saving time and effort.
  • Auto Level Module: Automatically adjusts vocal levels before processing, eliminating the need for corrective dynamics or manual fader adjustments.
  • Inter-plugin Communication: Nectar 4 communicates with other iZotope plug-ins in your session to address tonal balance and masking.
  • Thirteen Component Plugins: Comprehensive set of vocal-focused production and mixing tools, including dynamic EQs, auto-level, backer, breath control, compression, voices, pitch, de-esser, saturation, reverb, gate, and dimension.


  • Nectar 4 Breath Control Plugin: Reduces unwanted breaths without compromising audio quality.

  • Melodyne 5 essential: Award-winning time and pitch correction software.

  • iZotope Relay: Central hub for intelligent connection between your entire mix and iZotope plug-in collection.

  • Hundreds of Professionally-designed presets: Preconfigured settings for music and dialogue applications.


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5.0 of 5  
10.06.2024 Sprache: deutsch

Alles super. Die Software war einfach zu installieren, Service ist super. Ichvkann alles nur weiter empfehlen.

5.0 of 5  
03.10.2023 Sprache: deutsch

Guter Einstieg, einfach zu bedienen, viele Möglichkeiten.



  • macOS Monterey (12.6.x), macOS Ventura (13.5.x)*
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Dual Core (Quad Core or higher recommended)
  • RAM: 4GB (8GB or higher recommended)

*Supported on Intel Macs and Apple silicon (M-series) Macs (Native & Rosetta)


  • Windows 10, Windows 11
  • 64 bit
  • Intel or AMD Dual Core (Quad Core or higher recommended)
  • RAM: 4GB (8GB or higher recommended)
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