Ocean Waves
release date: 06.04.2023

Ocean Waves

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Dynamic Waves

A fascinating collection of loopable ocean sound, including modest lappings against various rocks, stones, and clacking pebbles, storm-driven surf, and large splashes onto solid cliffs. Utilize these recordings to improve your projects, whether you need a storm on the wide sea, the rippling of water in a harbor, or the peaceful and rhythmic ambience of a beach.

Vivid sounds of the ocean

The ocean's sound is rich in acoustic subtleties. The nature of coasts, sea depth, as well as meteorological and geological circumstances, are all important factors that influence how diverse and dynamic soundscapes are. The sea has an almost unlimited variety of sounds, from the powerful roar of the surf to the soft lapping of waves on sand.

Recorded all over the world

The waves of this library were recorded on coasts and beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea and the South China Sea. The various recording locations and the large amount of time we have invested in this project give you an outstanding and dynamic repertoire of wave sounds that will let you create the acoustic mood of any ocean-related scene.

Product Information

  • Files: 166

  • Duration: 7.5 hours

  • Size: 13.23 GB

  • Format: 48kHz/96kHz – 24Bit

  • Channels: Stereo-Wav

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