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25 Multisound Presets for the free Decent Sampler

A treasure trove of unexpected hybrid sounds: from cozy, organic analog tones to futuristic and abstract digital textures.

  • Prismic is 25 multisound presets combining 50 evolving hybrid sound textures. 

  • Analog & Digital sounds featuring Additive, Granular, Wavetable synthesis, and Effects Processing.

Soundscapes that are unusual. A collection of sounds that have been multi-sampled and sent to remote, underground soundscapes while blending analog and digital. The sounds range from cozy and organic analog tones to futuristic and abstract digital textures. They are in the cinematic sector (evolving textures, layered hybrid sounds).

Be ready for unexpected textures. Consider Nordic ambiances and cyclical motions created by complementary sounds. It challenges conventional soundscapes by providing a distinctive and frequently otherworldly aural environment.

Prismic GUI V 1.0.1

Prismic is composed of sound compositions that combine several synthesizers and are then processed and blipped to produce organic sounds. It has 25 presets total, created from 50 different synthesis combinations.

These hybrid sound textures encourage users to go on a sonic trip that goes beyond conventions and broadens our understanding of sound by weaving an aural tapestry that may carry listeners to unfamiliar worlds. When using the presets, a sustain pedal is strongly advised.


  • Mixing A + B multi-sample layers
  • 25 presets combining 50 evolving hybrid textures
  • 938 individual stereo samples
  • Sample loops made one by one by hand 
  • Analog & Digital sound sources
  • Sample processed using different technics and effects
  • A & B Layers: On/Off switch, adjustable Pan & Volume
  • Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
  • Reverb, Delay, Chorus
  • 24-bit 48 kHz uncompressed PCM wav samples
  • BMP = 110 (cycling waves, LFOs)
  • Mod Wheel assigned to Filter Cutoff
  • Size: 2.40 GB installed
  • Version: 1.0.1

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